Facts About Increased Internet Speed in 2018

Facts About Increased Internet Speed

Over the span of last few years, the internet has got a permanent place in the life of each human being. Let it be a kid, a teenager, someone in his or her late twenties or an old person, everyone believes that the internet is an unreplaceable part of their life. This is because of the large list of the uses of the internet. The most famous use of the internet is the communication, which is the sole reason behind the invention of the internet too. The people to connect with their friends and family members who live away from them use it. Apart from that, people use the internet for entertainment, knowledge, education, and for earning as well.

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The use of the internet increased more than 30% in 2017. This is not about just one or two countries but it happened all around the globe. Experts were amazed by this sudden increase in the usage of the internet in the whole world. Here are a few details about this event.

Increased Internet Usage 2017

Internet was gaining a place of necessity in the lives of the people from a long time but in 2017, it suddenly jumped to a completely new level. The statistics of 2017 shows that the usage of the internet grew more than 30% in just one year. The data for the statistics was collected from the desktops as well as from mobile internet usage. According to Ookla, the average download speed recorded for mobile phones was 20mbps and 40mbps for the broadband connection.

Increased Internet Usage

The experts give credits for this sudden growth to the better network in some underdevelopment countries like India, Norway, and Pakistan. The data from Ookla shows that many countries have experienced 77% increase in their broadband speeds. These countries include Australia, India, Singapore, Norway, and Romania etc. Moreover, the highest mobile download speeds are observed in Norway, Netherlands, Iceland, and Singapore whereas the United States stands on 44th number in the list. The comparison was done between the data collected in November 2017 and November 2016.

Speed test Ranking

Looking at the sudden increase in the speed of the internet all around the globe, Speedtest also ranked all the countries based on their internet speeds. This ranking was done once based on broadband internet connections and second time based on mobile phone connection speeds. Norway stood first with the download speed at 62.59Mbps on the speedtest chart based on the broadband connections. Whereas Singapore was placed on the second number. The United States secured the 9th place on the list.

Speed test Ranking


The ranking was done based on the upload and download speeds of each country in the last 13 months. The second chart shows Norway at the first place, Netherlands at the second and Romania at the third place. The United States went really down on the list that is on the 46th number.

Improvement in World

This increase in the internet download speeds all around the world shows that the world is actually progressing towards betterment and more use of the technology. Many countries have improved their broadband and mobile connections whereas some other countries have welcomed the internet connections inside their boundaries. Loas has shown 249.5% growth in the usage of the internet and stands at the first position on the list. Loas is followed by Vietnam with an improvement of 188.7% whereas Trinidad and Tobago became the third country with respect to increased internet usage with an increase of 133%.

Improvement in World

The rating done based on the broadband connections show that Reunion, which was not prominent on the internet map before, has made its place on number 1. The speed increased by 141.5% to be accurate. Guatemala showed an increase of 116.7% and Ghana stood third with an increase of about 82.1%. This list also showed that some of the countries in the world did face decline in the speeds of the internet connections as well. Some of the underdevelopment and highly populated countries also showed an increase in the rates of the internet speed. Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world, jumped up on the list with 56.2% increase in the download speed. India came second showing an increase of 42.4% and Brazil came on the third number showing an increment by 27.6%.

The experts were expecting this increase in the speed of the broadband and mobile internet connections in coming years but the rates escalated more rapidly than expected. Experts are expecting to see more rapid growth in the coming years and they believe that with this growth comes a promise of betterment and a better connection between the people all around the world. But this growth in the speed of the internet doesn’t promise the access to a seamless internet connection everywhere. If you are living in spectrum internet service area, then it is recommended that you buy one of the Spectrum Bundle Deals. Spectrum is one of the best internet service providers in the United States with amazing and consistent download speeds.

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