How to Spy on Instagram with Best DM Spy App Secretly

Surprisingly, people lurk towards spying on Instagram DM (Direct messages). Do you know why? Instagram Direct empowers you to send and receive chats to anyone at any time. Users can include text, videos, and photos and upload anything from their cell phone library. Here are a few things that you can send via your Instagram DM.

  • Any post that you have seen in the feed
  • Self-destructive photos & videos
  • Instagram profiles

Now, people who want to see direct messages to another phone need to have the best Instagram spy apps to monitor and track messages secretly. Before we guide you about to spy on Instagram DM, you need to read further below:

What is the Instagram DM spy Application?

The Instagram spy app is one of the best tools to monitor the logs of sent and received text messages. Further, read chats, media, and other activities on a photo-sharing application –Instagram. It can access any cell phone device active with social messaging apps and let you spy on activities performed in Instagram DM. It is a secret spy solution that monitors IM logs without them knowing and keeps you updated about the posts in news feeds, ephemeral messaging, and profiles shared indirect messages.

Why Should You Spy on Someone’s Instagram?

Social networking channels are trendy, and Instagram has achieved milestones. People have become obsessed with social messaging apps like Instagram, and they want to spy on someone’s Instagram account no time before. Individuals have a variety of reasons to monitor and track social messaging apps, but today we elaborate on the top ones that are legitimate to spy on them. Here are the reasons mentioned below that you need to know about:

Reasons: To spy on kids’ Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram is more likely to be a centric instant messenger, and they love to spend time on it. Parents get scary feelings when young teens get involved in inappropriate activities. They could share compromised and semi-nude photos by following celebrities’ profiles and interacting with strangers. Online hookups are trendy among teens on Instagram, and they send texts, and media, and make voice calls with strangers to meet them in person without their parents knowing. So, parents want to spy on Instagram direct messages active on their phones. Parents should view Instagram’s direct messages to prevent teens from inappropriate media sharing, inappropriate content viewing, and online predators.

Reasons:  Monitor spouse’s Direct Messages on Instagram

Infidelity is on the rise, and social networking apps such as Instagram are one of the factors that push spouses to interact with new people after having a troubled relationship.

  • Spouses could cheat on their partners.
  • They could meet online with new people and make friends.
  • Your cheating partner can start dating anyone in a relationship.

So, people want to spy on cheating partners and monitor spouses’ direct messages in a photo-sharing application. Don’t let someone cheat on you and behave with you hunky and dory. You can conclude to break with someone unless you have solid and documented proof. It is time to get your hands on the spy software for Instagram to prevent cheating on you.

How to spy on Instagram Direct Messages?

Are you struggling to spy on Instagram DM? Forget about it, and get a new start with the best Instagram spy app. Does the question arise of how to get the best spy solution that empowers you to monitor social networking app direct messages? The answer is simple; and here are the few things you need to consider before you get your hands on the best monitoring app for Instagram.

  • Visit the web & get cell phone spy software
  • Get a subscription unless you are sure about things
  • Pack with plenty of Instagram spy app features
  • Support Android, and iOS devices’ latest OS versions
  • Remains hidden on the target device
  • Easily can hide app icons on the target phone
  • Remains undetectable on the target cellphone
  • Best for parental controls for kid’s safety
  • Offer legitimate monitoring solutions
  • Provide separate online dashboard & customer service

Best Apps to Spy on someone’s Instagram

Several apps are available on the web, but few offer legitimate and powerful Instagram monitoring features. Please don’t get impressed by Instagram spy apps for free because nothing is free, and they could use your target device as a product to steal valuable information. Try to subscribe spying app for Instagram that allows you to remove your data from its dashboard at will. Today introducing the best apps to spy on someone’s Instagram that have made their way to the next level through their high compatibility, suitable features, exclusive features, pricing, and many more. Here are the top 8 spy solutions to monitor Instagram:

Umobix Tracker for Instagram Dm

Umobix is a monitoring and tracking app. It is designed to keep an eye on the targeted person through their kids’ smart and latest devices no matter that the targeted person may be anyone younger, kid, or older. The Umobix is a parental and employee control app. Umobix offers different features that make individual life easy, smooth, and less stressful. With the help of This flexible software allows the bundle of features to monitor the social media and the personal accounts of the social messaging of the targeted person. It allows spying on Android devices and iPhones secretly. Users can track the social activities of kids without taking the targeted device into custody.


Umobix is a popular brand that offers services to monitor phones. It supports Android and iOS devices.

Favorite Feature:

Record of browser usage is the favorite feature.

Weakest Feature:

Keylogger and social media logs are the weakest features.


Glassagram Instagram viewer App

Glassagram is the best monitoring software in the market. With that being said, it is made with the latest tracking technology that makes it a head above the rest. It was upgraded previously with special features to recover much data from Instagram profiles and many others not. Along with this app, it is compatible with the latest smart android phone and iPhones and is also very quick at recovering all information from the targeted cell phone.


Glassagram is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices like phones, tabs, and iPads to the latest OS and IOS versions.

Favorite Feature:

Glassagram has the best feature known as remote spy on Instagram Direct messages. It is for viewing social messaging app text messages.

Weakest Feature:

Social media call recording is a poor feature that is a marketing stunt.


Glassagram Instagram viewer App

mSpy Instagram tracker

MSpy is a tracking application that is specifically developed to monitor a cell phone, laptop, or tablet. When you have installed the application on your target device, you can easily monitor the GPS location, call log, instant messages, media files, text messages, and social media applications like the Instagram spy app and know the internet browsing history.

This is one of the leading parental control software for the present generation. The software shines among its competitors because of its simplicity of using the features and cost-effectiveness. All you have to do before it installs the application on the applied mobile phone. It works in the background without a show on the front of the screen or notification tab. You will be able to track your kid’s mobile phone activities by sending timely reports to your accounts. They will get access to all the current data from his mobile.

The software can also work for Android devices, jail-broken iOS devices, and non-jailbroken devices. The process of installation of the application is very easy and it will only take a couple of minutes to do so.


Mspy is compatible with Android phones and tablet devices up to version 11.0. Moreover, it also supports iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads up to the latest OS versions.

Favorite Feature:

IM’s monitoring is one of the prominent features of the Mspy Instagram tracker.

Weakest Feature:

Call recording is the weakest feature of the Mspy solution for cell phones.


FlexiSpy Instagram Monitoring 

FlexiSpy is one of the latest tracking phone software all around the world. It has everything you had expected in a mobile phone spy system and more. It records calls of the targeted device, captures screenshots, monitors keystrokes, lets you read email, SMS, text messages, Facebook and Whatsapp messages, Instagram spying app track device locations, and even remotely turns on microphones to record chatting with others all with this user can know them.

FlexiSpy is suitable with all major and minor operating systems of an Android device including iOS. But, it didn’t work with every operating system that should be making sure your target phone is running with a supported operating system.

FlexiSpy can run on the following operating systems

  • Android: Android 4.0.3 to Android 11
  • iOS: supports versions up to iOS 14.x

FlexiSpy has finally launched a desktop version for Mac and Windows systems.

Its price is more than most monitoring applications, but with this, it also provides you with more features, better working performance, and strong support. If you are willing to pay a bit more for a premium experience, the FlexiSpy Extreme is your best choice.


Flexispy is the pioneer of spy apps for cell phones. It is a king without a crown and compatible with android, IOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

Favorite Feature:

Call interception is the best feature of Flexispy that we have ever tested.

Weakest Feature:

Flexispy is an error-free application, and every feature is well-built, but the application is expensive.


TheOneSpy Instagram spyware

TheOneSpy is a monitoring application designed to spy on all activities of kids and employees. It helps to keep an eye on all activities of kids and employees secretly. It is considered the most powerful and strong tool to track someone you love and care for. It is also compatible with Android and iPhone devices. It offers more than 250 features that make sure to save and secure the targeted device. Its installation process is easy for Android but with iPhone, it needs a jailbreak system. 


TheOneSpy is compatible with Android,  IOS, Mac, and Windows devices OS versions. It supports Android 4.4.2 to OS version 12.0. Moreover, it supports iOS version 11.3 to all iOS versions.

Our Favorite Feature:

TheOneSpy has many features that could become favorites. You can spy on Instagram Direct messages such as live screen recordings. You can use it to record a series of mobile screen videos active with social networks and send the data to the dashboard. Users can see the videos to view every activity on Instagram.

Weakest Feature:

Surprisingly, TheOneSpy is a perfectly designed spying gizmo that has no weak features to date.


Eyezy Spying app for Instagram

It is in the applied cell phone like LG, HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Google Pixel, or Motorola Then; you will need the very best Android social messaging tracking software like Eyezy. It is suitable for these mobile phone brands currently running on Android 3 or 9. One of the most important things about the Eyezy application is that you can get free updates for a lifetime on the targeted device. In the occurrence of the applied cell phone operating system change or there is a program update. It is also like just two applications and more, its installation process is very simple and easy and even they don’t need a specific technique a required knowledge.


Eyezy is one of the few applications that support both mega OS brands, like Android and iOS.

Favorite Feature:

The social spotlight is the best feature of Eyezy

Weakest Feature:

The invisible shield is the weakest feature that we have tested.


Hoverwatch DM Tracker for Instagram

Spy programs like Hoverwatch can help employers and parents monitor the activities of their employees as well as kids while using the mobile phones provided to them for the concerns of chatting with their family and friends.

Parents, as well as employers, can use this free Instagram tracker app for Android to improve productivity by checking whether they are wasting their time watching movies, wandering, chatting online, playing games, and so on.

The messages and phone calls made and received by the kids or employees can be recorded on this which can be used as a witness in case of any dispute.


Hoverwatch is compatible with multiple operating systems, like Android and iOS devices.

Favorite feature

Call history is one of the most favorite features and also enables users to spy on social networking logs, like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more.

Weakest Feature:

GPS location is a poor feature and cannot track the target location with accuracy and efficiency.


XnSpy for Instagram spying

This is the ultimate way to keep your kids safe from online dangers and harassment from social media accounts. Through this, you can monitor your kid’s social messaging accounts like Instagram. And if you want to track on an Instagram account profile with the iPhone, the Xnspy cell phone is the best choice for you. With there is No Jailbreak technique, there is no need for physical access to that device. Apple ID or password is necessary for all of you to associate with the applied iPhone. It is also fitted with the latest smart iPhone 11 series.


Xnspy is one of the leading cell phone monitoring apps that can spy on Instagram Direct messages and is compatible with both Android and iPhones up to the latest OS versions.

Favorite feature:

Call logs are the best feature of Xnspy, and apart from that, Xnspy does believe in just marketing stunts without having a proper solution. 

Weakest Feature:

IM’s screen recording is one of the weakest features of Xnspy, but Instagram screen recording is a little better for viewing live activities.


How to Install an Instagram Spy Tool on the Target Phone?

It is easy and takes a few minutes to install the best Instagram spy app on the target phone. You need to subscribe to Instagram DM solution and get a subscription. You will receive credentials via email and access on the phone active with the instant messaging app to start the installation process. You need to complete the process successfully and activate the spy app for your cellphone. Further, access the dashboard to activate features, like Instagram direct messages and call logs.

iPhone or IOS Users:

Subscribe to the iPhone spy app for jailbreak devices, and install it on the target device to get the job done.

Android Users

Get your hands on the non-rooted, hidden, and undetectable spy solution for Android. Further, install an Android spy app on the target device to access Instagram.

How to Find Out someone’s Password on Instagram?

You can install the best Instagram spy app on a target cell phone running with an Instagram social networking app like TheOneSpy. It has a feature known as a password chaser, keystroke logging, and screen recording that empowers you to see someone’s password on Instagram.

Can you tell if someone is spying on your Instagram?

There are signs that someone is spying on your cell phone active with Instagram direct messages. Your device will consume more data, become heated, hang, and last but not least background noises while listening to the calls. Your phone itself starts performing multiple actions that show someone is spying on your Instagram.

Is it helpful to monitor Instagram’s direct messages?

It is obvious that Instagram DM spy is helpful for struggling parents and for cheated spouses. Parents can supervise kids’ risky activities with online predators. Moreover, cheated and betrayed spouses can spy on their loved ones’ Instagram DM to know to whom they are talking and meeting secretly. 

Final Verdict:

Instagram DM spying is challenging unless you have got the best Instagram spy app at your disposal. We have described the top 8 spying solutions to monitor Instagram direct messages, and you can choose any of them to Monitor Instagram to the fullest.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
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