Intelligence software program for high level businesses

Since technology has come into existence and workforce within the business organizations are equipped with cell phones, gadgets and computer devices. An intelligence software program for high-level business has become the need of the hour for business owners. The latest technological creatures in the shape of intelligence tools offer multiple advantages no matter what if you are running a large or small business.

You can use the contemporary business monitoring tool for the sake of getting actionable insights from the data stored in the company’s desktop and laptop machines. Additionally,business intelligence software market has risen and today it is predicted more than $26 billion till 2020 yet to come. However, if you still believe that spy software is being used for IT specialists only, you are living in dreams.

The intelligence apps are effective for any kind of business firms where you have the number of employee sand you want to keep an eye on their each and every single activity. Therefore,these days’ people who have their business firms want to use program for business monitoring. Let’s discuss what the best business intelligence software that has made its way to the next level.

Install cellphone & computer monitoring software

If you are running a high-level business and you have to deal with dozens of employees every single day and you want to know each and every single activity an employee does on the company’s devices. Therefore, all you need to do is to install mobile phone and PC tracking app for the protection and for the enhancement of the business. Therefore, if you want to get a business intelligence software program then you need to visit the official website of the tools that provide users intelligence program for business. Let’s discuss all the steps that you need to take a spy app for your business.

Step 1: Subscribe for cellphone & PC spy software

First and foremost you need to subscribe online for the employee monitoring spyware to get intelligence of your employees on the company’s owned devices. Once you have subscribed for the business monitoring app then you further need receive email and get credential as passcode and ID. Furthermore, get physical access to the target device.

Step 2: Get started with an installation process

Now you need to get started with the installation process and when you have done with the process of the installation. Then you need to activate it on the target device. During the  process of the activation, you will get a pop –up on the target gadget, phone and laptop desktop device screen. You can follow the instructions and make your intelligence operation covert. I mean you can hide the business intelligence tool icon on the target device to get insights into the data and activities in a sneaky way without letting someone to know. However, you can ignore the pop-up and end up with the activation process.

Step 3: Use credentials and get access to the web portal

Now you can use the passcode and ID and further you can get access to the online control panel. Where you can find out the best tools that give you insights of the data and activities of your employees within the working hours on company’s owned cellphones, gadgets and laptop and desktop computer devices. Let’s discuss the entire intelligence software program for high levels business in terms of phone and PC tracking software.

Cell Phone Spy app features

Call recording

You can simply record and listen to the calls of your employees on the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets in real –time.

Text messages spy

Employers can spy on sent/received messages on gadgets owned by the company and get to know about SMS, MMS, and BMM chat and heads up notifications with the complete time stamp.

GPS location tracking

The user can track the GPS location of the employees outside the premises of the company by tracking employees company’s owned mobile phones and gadgets within no time.

Live screen recording

The user can perform live screen recording on the company’s gadgets and handsets of android by making short video of the screen. The user can live screen tracking of trendy social messaging apps, chrome screen recording, SMS and email screen recording and last but not the least YouTube screen recording in real time.

Browsing activities

Business intelligence tool allows you to know the browsing activities of employees within the working hours. You can get to know about the visited website and apps with a complete time stamp.

Window and MAC computer app features

Block website on windows & MAC

An end user can block all the time wasting websites on the company’s owned windows and MAC desktop and laptop computer machines. All you need to do is to put URLs of the websites into the filters.

Camera Bug for MAC

You can remotely get control over the target MAC laptop computer front camera and you can get to know who is up to the device using MAC tracking app for business.

MIC bug for MAC

Similarly, you can remotely get control over the target device MIC and you can record the surround sounds and conversations to the fullest using business intelligence program windows tracking app.

User –friendly reports for Windows

The user can get to know the activities happen on the target windows laptop and desktop computer machines using windows surveillance app for windows.  The user can get sent/receive emails, visited apps and websites, alarm and activity logs and mouse clicks.

Invisible Mode of tracking for windows

You can use it to perform stealth monitoring on your target laptop and desktop windows machines within no time without letting the target employee knowing that you are keeping him under surveillance.

Real-time monitoring of windows

You can use the best windows intelligence tool and you can perform monitoring in real –time on your employee’s activities on a windows laptop and desktop computer machines.


Cellphone and Computer surveillance app is the best intelligence software to protect and to do surveillance on your high-level business.






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