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The iPhone 8 May Become Rare Apple Faces Shortfall in Supply

It is reportedly stated that Apple is working on the launch of redesigned iPhone along with screen which covers the whole front of the device. Rumors are also there that redesigned iPhone will take some time to display in shelves. Apple might be going to break its tradition of launching its device in the month of April.

Apple is planning to launch its latest iPhone that entirely covers the front of the device. But rumors have spread the story that redesigned iPhone may become rare due to the shortfall in supply and ultimately Apple breaks its tradition of launching its device in the month of April.

Companies which usually manufacture the Apple’s parts have their view that Apple’s redesigned “OLED” iPhone will not be able to start before the month of October or November, as objected to August and September, as preceding years.

An authentic and well-renowned analyst Ming-Chi stated that in his note seen by MacRumors. “We have heard the information of launch time of the up-coming iPhone similar to previous years; the production may not start until the month of October or November as compared to traditionally ramp up period of August-September, due to the shortfall in supply.

“Furthermore, the severe shortfall in supply curtailments may continue for a little after the new models are originated, topping total shipments of latest iPhone device in 2H17, Ming-Chi further added that in his note.

According to the analyst, Drexel Hamilton has previously quoted that the OLED iPhone 8 possibly delayed due for plenty of weeks, due to lack of production reasons because of Apple’s next generation camera.

Rumors are also everywhere that it may possible that Apple will launch iPhones in the month of September along with the newly designed OLED iPhone 8 and other two models that are similar to updated versions of the Apple’s current iPhone device.

In this situation, Apple would perhaps two iPhone 7 successors for sale very after; customers have to wait for pre-order the high-end iPhone 8.

There are some current reports regarding what assumption could be made about upcoming Apple’s iPhone device.

On an upcoming latest model of iPhone 8, may have the screen that covers the entire front of the device. The Apple’s latest iPhone device having OLED technology is coming no time ever before. The screen might be as large as the iPhone 7 plus.

The upcoming double lens camera of the Apple awaited iPhone device may pop up with vertically oriented rather than horizontally, similar to the iPhone 7 plus. The front camera possible gets second lens as well.

Apple is also planning to introduce faster chips by using 10-nanometer processor” which enhance the functionality over the “16-nanometer process” Apple presently using for its processor.

The Apple’s upcoming iPhone device might have curved glass on the front and back which would be similar to the iPhone 4.

The rest of the two iPhone models may come up with the same screen technology and sizes similar to the present IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 plus.

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