iPhone XS Max Complete Review

Apple has finally rolled out its gigantic smartphone which is great for watching movies and playing games. However, this big-sized smartphone is hard to handle and one of the most expensive smartphones ever.  If the price does not matters you, the new iPhone XS Max offers a super amazing experience. In this article, we have reviewed the latest iPhone XS Max. Read on to know about its features, flaws and pros.

iPhone XS Max Features

The recently launched iPhone XS Max is the biggest smartphone Apple has ever produced. With a display of 6.5 inches, the smartphone hardly shows any bezel and comes with iconic screen notch. As well as being the biggest Apple smartphone, it is also the most expensive smartphone to be launched till date. The big-sized Apple phone compete many top-notch Android flagships. For those who desire for large display for video games and movies,the iPhone XS Max is a great option.

Design and Display

The iPhone XS Max has same design as iPhone X but it is bigger. It squeezes a 6.5-inch display into a narrow body at 157.7×77.4mm. The smartphone comes with a steel frame with new formulation of glass on front and back. It gives iPhone XS Max a premium look. It is a dust and water resistance phone with IP68 protection.

The supersized smartphone does not sit in the hand as comfortably as it should. Considering the size and price of the smartphone, you want to be able to hold it securely. When compared with other gigantic android smartphones like 6.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 9, 6-inch Sony Xperia XZ3 and 6.2-inch One Plus 6, the iPhone XS Max feels thicker and less planted in the hand.The smartphone also has a totally flat back which also makes holding awkward.


As expected, iPhone XS Max offers fast and greatest performance. The smartphone comes with Apple’s A12 Bionic SoC, 4GB of RAM and the first mass market 7nm chip. The supersized smartphone also comes with improved graphical performance but it is hard to notice. The speakers of the Apple phone are louder and clearer than the earlier models. Also, there is Gigabit-class LTE available for supported carriers.


Like all other latest Apple smartphones, iPhone XS Max also runs iOS 12. The applications behave the way they used to behave in previous Plus size Apple smartphones. The layout of Messages and Mail apps turns into a more information dense layout when you change the device into landscape mode. The rest are the feature which you have already used in iPhone 8 and iPhone SE. Apple has mainly focused on performance and speed rather than offering new features.

As there is no physical home button in iPhone XS Max, your primary interaction with the smartphone is through gestures. To go to homepage, swipe up from the down. Pull down from the top-right for Control Center and from top-left for notifications. The accuracy and knowledge of Apple’s virtual assistance Siri remains disappointing even in the most expensive iPhone XS Max.


iPhone XS Max comes with three cameras. Two cameras sit on the back and one on the front. All of these cameras have been upgraded in features. The dual back cameras are 12 megapixels and the front camera is 7 megapixels. However, these pixels are larger and deeper allowing more light into the sensor as compared to previous iPhones. The new Smart HDR feature offers improved highlights and shadows. It is fast enough to easily capture motions. It provides great photos even in low-light. The camera app remains basic and simple without in-depth manual controls.    


Battery life has long been an issue for Apple. However, the manufacturer has tried to provide improved battery in iPhone XS Max. The smartphone comes with 3174 mAh battery which is larger than the 2691 mAh battery of iPhone 8 Plus. As well as having the largest screen and price, iPhone XS Max also holds the biggest battery Apple has ever put into its smartphones. It offers an additional 90-minute power as compared to the battery life of iPhone X. With moderate to high use, the iPhone XS Max can last a day on a single charge.

iPhone XS Max Price and Availability

The supersized smartphone is available in three versions i.e.,64GB, 256GB and 512GB. The iPhone XS Max with 64GB storage is priced at $1099. The 256GB model is priced at $1249, whereas, the 512GB model costs around $1449. There is no Android or Apple smartphone rightly available that costs more than the 512GB model iPhone XS Max.

The Bottom Line

The newly launched iPhone XS Max offers almost same what is expected from Apple’s smartphones. It comes with great cameras, performance, software and display. However, Apple is asking for a hefty amount for its supersized smartphone which seems unfair in many regards.         





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