How do you know if your CRM is not yielding you results?

Implementing any kind of business software can be a daunting experience especially if the software is going to have a direct effect on business, and if the software is a CRM software, you need to undertake a careful and lengthy process of evaluation and implementation to avoid any complications later on. It is a well-known fact that a CRM software helps the management to evaluate, forecast and base their decisions on the reports generated by the system. It is like a backbone for the company hence, it becomes very important for the management to evaluate and implement a good CRM system. However, how do you know if your CRM is yielding results or no?

Huge unaccounted data –

By moving online to CRM, the business also requires careful migration of data. If you are reading data that is huge in number and does not co-relate to the result or simply one that you cannot understand, there is high probability that data duplicity has happened. While migrating, the same data has been copied more than once. This will lead to wrong projections and unrealistic goal setting. To avoid this, take the help of the CRM vendor to migrate data in a particular order and have assign people in specific departments like finance and sales to make sure that the data duplicity is avoided.

Too Many plugins –

While CRM does give you the free hand to integrate third party apps and tools, if you are forced to use many plugins, it is a sign that your CRM is not a right fit for you. Simple reason being huge maintenance cost that comes along. If any one of the plugins is upgraded and does not work in sync with the CRM system as a whole, be aware that this can
lead to further customization costs or investment in a new software altogether.

 Constant upgrades / Customizations –

After you have completed implementation of your CRM software, and still are in constant need of customizations or upgrades to accommodate the growing needs of your business, your CRM will likely fail you in the near future. A good CRM software is always scalable. It grows along with your business and even acts as a catalyst to your growth story. Need for over-customizations and constant upgrades are a sign that your CRM cannot cope up with your demand and hence, you would need to purchase another one.

Marketing & Social

Marketing and Social Media are two important upcoming aspects of lead generation. While the ROI for sales can be measured easily, measuring ROI for Marketing and Social Media can be a little tricky. The goals set for marketing are also different – Impressions, Engagement, Reach, Lead generated, etc. for different companies, the variables are different and this is where problem for most CRMs arise. Modern CRM software have an inbuilt Marketing and Social CRM for all your Marketing needs along with the option to custom design your goals. Like mentioned before, too many plugins spoil your data and make you more dependent on upgrades and customizations. While it is a nightmarish scenario if the CRM software does not give you desired results, and the best way to avoid them is to set up a special committee, evaluate your needs along with the vendor properly, and assign different departmental heads to go through their module with utmost care and caution.






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