Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet-The Right Device for Your Needs

The dawning of the new technological advancements has made you not to restrict to the laptops when it comes to purchasing a portable machine. You got plenty of other portable options and what fits the bill as per your use and preference.  For buying portable and flexible mobile computers netbooks, laptops, and tablets are viable choices. 

Every of the mentioned machine has some specified purposes what others cannot provide. So, here we are with some detailed insight into these three top sought portable laptops. Though the use and demands of Laptops these days are sky-rocketing, and people are more tilt towards buying the latest laptops. Still, the purchase and needs of tablets and netbooks are inevitable.

Tablets are more portable and have easy to handle and carrying features with some casual activities such as browsing, searching and watching videos on the go. While, laptops are more powerful owing to the powerful specifications, and have a greater range of usage, the netbooks come between the other two portable computers, laptops, and tablets.


Laptops offer your great range of flexibility, performance, and power. If you compare the performance of a netbook or tablet, you will get a clear winner. The laptops are more power oriented and offer you a great range of options. You play lots of high-ended video games, you watch videos, and you prepare your business presentations and store the hefty amount of data on a go.

The tablets and netbooks cannot replace laptops; at least for business people, their importance is inevitable. They offer to multitask, and you by doing your work can have a playlist of your favorite songs and can browse without any hiccup.

The laptops offer you great hard disk space; you store lots of data in hard disks. You cannot get this done on tablets and netbooks which come to the comparatively lower amount of space, they are more like entertainment devices.

The battery performances of the laptops though cannot be compared with both, as both are smaller screen devices and tend to consume a lesser amount of power which is obvious. While, on laptops, you get a larger screen size, where you get pinned your all works on different corners. You could watch movies on a bigger and larger scale on vivid RGB colors.

Laptops offer you space to write anywhere or to do your typing work, coding, chatting, and email writing. You get a physical keyboard which is attached to the screen of the laptop, obviously offers you great space to write and all these features and specs you can easily grab in maximum 600 to 700 dollars laptop. You can find a complete buying guide of 700 dollar laptop at Guru Verdict. You cannot get this on tablets and netbooks; they come in touch-screen, where you cannot just write comfortably for prolonged hours with precision.


Tablet is entirely a different device and spills a different bill when it comes to its usage. You cannot call it a lesser important device compare to laptops or netbooks, this is the use of this device which makes them important.

If it is about portability, you are finding a portable computer, tablets win it hands down. You just cannot compare the portability of the tablets with a computer at all. They take lesser space, and weight lesser than both of the other machines. Normally we see tablets of 6-8 inches sized screen, while laptops come in 13-15 inches size.

Tablets are easier to carry around and you can use them anywhere with great ease. They come in touch screen input and you get your entire job done on just one tap.

Tablets mostly weigh upward when it comes to display. The quality of display what one gets in 1500 dollar price range, here in tablets you see it in 150 dollars, vivid colors and sharp display. They are often used to watch videos, instant browsing and business use for a lesser span of time. They do not offer great storage, you cannot store a bigger amount of data in laptops, and they cannot be used to play high-ended games.

When it comes to the built-in cameras, we see thrice of the devices come with built-in cameras. The quality of the cameras is debatable. But, the quality of the camera what you get in 1500 dollar laptop, you get at very lesser prices at Tablets and netbooks. 

In battery and power performance the tablets and netbooks are the clear winners. You can have both of these devices while traveling to get some amusement. You cannot expect the same from the laptops, which are often considered to get some business in town.

The software or operating system mostly in tablets are of Android or iOS. Both of them are very fast and expedite your work or browsing. They are not for business use, you cannot just use them to prepare for the presentation, or to write down something important or write business emails.


The term netbook is a perfect description for the smaller computers, a smaller sized computer which is designed to run the lighter application, for browsing and instant access to the entertainment. The use of the netbooks was very high in 2006-2007, later on we started seeing the tablets and they overtook netbooks space in the market.

The perfect adaptation to elaborate a netbook would be the smallest computers. They are designed to work on a smaller scale, with no physical keyboard. They come with Windows operating system installed and the average size of their screen range from 6-8 inches, lightweight.

Owing to their lightweight and smaller size, they come in lesser storages like tablets. You cannot store bigger files or play higher ended video games. This is not for what they are designed, they are built to get some easy and instant access to browsing, applications, videos, and music.

They are equally portable to tablet, and normal weight around 2 lbs. Here in netbooks, we see the smaller size of CPU is being used with low voltage and their cycle times lies between 1GHz-2GHz. This makes them open spreadsheets, word documents, photo editing applications.

They got with multiple ports and you can use their connectivity in your business use. Still, the connectivity and performance cannot match with the computer’s performance. They do not cost your arms and legs but offer portability while carrying around.

The final thought

In the end, if you want to have a device to have some entertainment on the go, for light browsing or to store your music files, and want to have the device for personal using, tablets would be the best fit. For using a device for professional using, for playing higher ended video games for running high ended software such as Photoshop,  Team Viewer or some graphics oriented software, must opt with laptops. And if you just want to have a little computer, to have sharp eyes on your professional work, to load little files, to compose emails, to watch videos, the netbooks would be the nice option.

This is the use what makes a device important, and you know your needs and use. So, have clear ideas regarding your use and then go for purchasing any of them.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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