8 Reasons Why You Should Begin Learning A Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument may be a bit difficult but it is worth it. Yes, to be able to play an instrument like a pro may require years of practice, patience, and dedication. But mastering any skill would need a similar amount of time and effort. However, music has always been a major part of human life. Music is a powerful reflection of our history and origin, and a strong tool to inspire and express emotions as well as connect with others. 

The oldest-known instruments have been discovered in Southern Germany in a cave and are believed to be 42,000 or 43,000 years old. Those instruments resemble flutes made of mammoth ivory and bird bone. And this thrilling discovery proves that human life has been unimaginable without any music form.

If you are interested in music and want to learn how to play an instrument, you should know the numerous benefits it has, which are mentioned below. You must also Join Music School In Kolkata to learn from the most talented and experienced teachers. 

Relieves stress

Playing a musical instrument, like other activities you love doing, relieves stress. Once you begin playing the instrument, your stress lessens and you are drifted in your world. Also, when you play a musical instrument, your sense of accomplishment and self-awareness enhances. As a result, you end up feeling more uplifted and positive. Moreover, music also lowers your blood pressure and heart rate and also keeps you calm. 

You become more intelligent 

You might be wondering how not studying and pursuing your interest will add to your intelligence. You should know that before learning an instrument, you will be briefed about its origin, which will add to your knowledge. Moreover, playing music involves understanding notes and beats, which will improve your math skills. Learning music also strengthens and stimulates certain sensors of your brain. This is because when you are playing a musical instrument, you will have to first read the notes, interpret them, and then play them.

Improved social life

When you play a musical instrument, you have increased opportunities to come across like-minded, interesting and exciting people. When you are in school or college, it can be the orchestra, or you may simply jam with other musicians. Moreover, being able to play an instrument is a skill that leaves an impression on others. You look cooler and people can talk to you or communicate with you easily.

Enhanced confidence 

Playing an instrument is a skill and once you master the skill, you will certainly feel proud of yourself. And if you can play your favorite song using the instrument, you will get a sense of achievement, which is bound to increase your confidence. You would also be performing frequently in front of others like your family, teacher, or audience at a concert or competition, which would decrease stage fright significantly.

Develop your creative side

Learning an instrument stimulates your brain’s creative sensors and opens up your mind to new ideas. Through the instrument, you will also learn how to express your emotions and you may want to play different tunes or even make your tune to do so.

Improves memory 

While playing a musical instrument, your mind would be sharp and alert at all times. You are also able to concentrate more and learn the notes by heart. As a result, your memory will get better in terms of what you see (keys, frets, music sheets, etc.), feel (feeling the musical instrument), and hear (how a note is pitched, how the music piece is meant to sound). 

Better listening skills 

As someone who plays a musical instrument, you will automatically develop your listening skills. You will not only know but also recognize tonalities, pitch, chord structures, scales, etc. that a normal person without any knowledge of music would not. You would also be able to appreciate and judge music you listen to more thoroughly.

Good discipline and responsibility 

You will be able to learn faster and better if you are disciplined and regularly practice the instrument. Mastering a skill requires effort, time, and lots of practice. When you are learning an instrument, you would be required to practice playing it, which will improve your discipline. Moreover, some instruments cost a lot and need proper maintenance. For playing any instrument, it should first be in the right condition. If the instrument’s keys or strings are not in place, the sound it produces can be discordant. As a result, you will become more responsible. 


All of the above-mentioned benefits will help you in a long time. You will become more responsible, disciplined, intelligent, alert, creative, and have an abundance of confidence. You will also be able to express your emotions through music, which will make you a calmer and peaceful person. This is why you should learn a musical instrument. 

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