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Major Types of Scams in Yahoo Mail

Mail platform has soon risen to be a necessity. Each day user uses this mail platform to exchange mails. To this scam can be irritating. When you face hindrance in your online mail user you wish you can eliminate this without much loss. Even when a mail platform follows a strict guidelines for maintaining the online security sometimes user face problems that are related to online threats. To all this problems users need help to obtain help to any of such problems make a call to Yahoo Support Number.

To eliminate the problem you must know the actual type of the sent mails. Often mail user receives spam mails that are sent by unknown sender in such cases user get confused that how this spam must be handled. Below are some types of spam and methods to deal with them:

Major Types of Scams and How to do Fix it:

Mail that asks you to verify your account by entering details – This are spam mails that ask you to verify your bank account, a eCommerce service or a email account by providing personal details like password, ATM pin etc. It also gives you a warning that if you do not provide these details your account will be suspended or close Online Marketing .

You can identify such mails by the time limit it sends that it ask you send details as fast as possible. These mails are sent to you to obtain your personal details to use in inappropriate manner by giving you threats. Never reply to such mails.

Mails that let you know that you a winner of a large amount and to get this you need to reply with your bank account details – This are spam mails that makes you happy with a large sum of amount that can be yours if your sent your personal details within time.

It is easy to identify such mails as no one will ever love to share their amount with you even if you are his best friend. This mail can ask you sent a few amount to earn lakhs and crores. Other times they ask you to send your personal account details so that they can steal all your account money. Never reply with any details to such mails.

Mails that declares that you are a big winner – This are mails that says “Congratulations! You just won a lottery” or “You have won a jackpot”.

This are mails that ask for your personal details so that they can deposit the winning amount but unfortunately this are actually sent to get your personal details so that they can steal your bank identity or money from your account. Don’t reply to such mails.

Help I am stranded – This can be spam mails that appears to be sent by your friends. This mails asks you to send some money as your friend is stuck somewhere and need your help with money.

This mail is again a attempt to get money from you. It is very difficult to identify such mails because it is sent by your friend’s emails. May be the spammer has hacked your friend account and sending you mails from his account. In such cases it is advisable to contact your friend before taking any actions.

Mails that say “If you do or don’t forward this mail something good or bad will happen” – This are mails that forecasts about your future luck. This may also includes certain things like if you forward this mail Yahoo or the company will pay you some amount.

This are the mails sent to transfer viruses and malwares. This can be a bad link or sending of viruses to your friends’ accounts so that they can get into your account to steal you and yours friends personal information stored on your account. Never share such mails.

Mails that are sent or received from your account – This are the mails that you receive or sent from your email account. To send such messages often spammer uses the techniques of spoofing.

These messages are to again send to send viruses to get into your account and computers to get your personal information. These mails are sent by your account so that you feel that they are safe to open. Once you get these emails and you are sure that you have not sent or receive such mails make sure to report such mails and check that your account is not being hacked.

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