Merits & Demerits of Online Subscription


Back in the days, the subscription was limited to DVDs and other niche software. Nowadays, subscription services range for almost everything. For example, you can subscribe to clothing, craft supplies, food, make-up etc. but know that similar to a coin, the subscription also has two sides i.e. merits and demerits.


The best thing about subscription is that everything of your interest shows up in your e-mail without wasting the time for searching it separately. Hence, the client doesn’t need to keep reordering something that they want or need.

The brand becomes an integral part of the customer’s life. This is vital in the millennial market where they consider having a robust connection with their most loyal brand. Again and again, your brand would be marketed to your target audience trough popup in the social media feeds. We won’t be wrong to say that this is most easily free advertising model for businesses.

This subscription boxed prove to be a method to predict future sales, demand, volume ahead of time reducing the waste of time, money and effort.

Customers and businesses are made for each other. They tend to create a long-term positive relationship to keep their needs satisfied. Through a subscription, customers can give their valuable feedback

Customers sign up for a long-term relationship with the business, and the business has to work to keep them satisfied. The business will get feedback from customers much faster and be able to fix any issues right away.

A less troublesome method of keeping your customers updated with the latest promotions, sales, discounts etc. The attention of the client can be captured by launching flat sales, free samples and other possible options depending upon the nature of the business.

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Above all, know that subscription isn’t going to work for everyone who signs up for it. Not all customers are loyal and anyone can jump out of the subscription service.

Subscription does not have much of a threshold and it’s hard to keep their interest directed in the long term. Hence, businesses invest time and money to make their subscription more appealing and interesting for the consumer

Businesses want to earn the profit by gaining more and more customers. Hence, each customer is only a fixed amount of profit & the only way one could improve their business is to increase the target market or market share (which is done through subscription and other marketing tactics).

Know that subscription is more of a service if compared to sale. In addition, the clients do not really know what they want and trust the running businesses to provide them something to pay for. This only makes it difficult to maintain customer satisfaction and engagement.

Do take these things into consideration if you’re considering a subscription to your website. In addition, know that this subscription might not be suitable for all types of businesses like software, apps and games etc but for others, it’s a great way to generate regular traffic and business. The key point in this model is that keeps your target audience satisfied and engaged.

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