Microsoft Xbox 2 Project Scorpio

With technology moving forward in leaps and bounds over the past decade, perhaps the most benefited industry of all has been the gaming industry. Considering the fact that the latest advancements in technology have been majorly revolving the devices line-ups from each company, we see high end gaming consoles being rolled out by the imminent giants of the video gaming industry. The advent of 4K resolution and VR technology since the end of last year has given way to a lot of scope for companies to improve on their consoles by featuring the latest perks that technology has given us. Microsoft, who have been one of THE big names when It comes to gaming consoles did not have a very good market run with their last offering. The Xbox One was at the end of mostly negative reviews owing to the fact that the 2013 console did not bear significant upgrades from its predecessor. The same went for the Xbox Ones which eventually led to Japanese rivals Sony eat up the market with the state of the art 4K-upscaling offering Playstation 4 Pro.

Now, during the E3 Press conference in 2016, Microsoft opened up about their upcoming console, something which they have code named‘Project Scorpio’. This same console without a doubt is definitely the hugely awaited Xbox 2 console which the company is claiming will be ‘The most powerful console ever built. And by the looks of the video which was shown at the event and what eminent people in the field have said about it, it can quite fairly be said that the Xbox 2 is definitely slated to become something big.

Not a lot of technical details have been obtained pertaining to the Xbox 2 with Microsoft keeping details very hush hush from the media.Nevertheless, gaming and tech enthusiasts never stop racking their brains and by the looks of it, the Xbox 2 might just be the first console rolled out in the market to offer True 4K gaming. The forthcoming console by Microsoft has been confirmed to feature 6 teraflops (which means trillion floating point operations per second) of graphical computing performance and an eight-core AMDAPU to offer gaming in 4k resolution format offering a truly enriching and satisfying viewing experience.

Considering one basic fact pertaining to the name ‘Scorpio’in accordance with the console, it might very well be assumed that ‘Scorpio’refers to the Zodiac birth sign. Ideally, Scorpions are born between October 23 and November 21 so can very well expect that Microsoft will roll out their upcoming console somewhere in between that later this year. The company’s statement at the E3 conference did reveal that 2017 will be the most probable date for the Xbox 2. However, we will get to know more on that once Microsoft decides to reveal the intricate details of the upcoming console. One thing is for sure though. 4K gaming is definitely coming and once it arrives, the gaming industry will never be the same again.





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