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Whether you have your website or if you are looking for starting out, you’re going to consider a web hosting service to allow it to be visible to the world. Let’s have a look at what type of hosting you are going to require. If you are hunting for best hosting services then let me tell that you are on the right track in terms of hosting as web hosting is a solution which brings out your website to online world which is effectual, considering utmost factors to build up. If you have your website designed then you will require hosting to get online visibility. You can check for several web hosting options.If you are an individual or small business owner then you need to choose one of the hosting companies which provides you hosting plan in cheap and affordable rates such as windows shared hosting india which is cheap and affordable.  Shared hosting means when multiple website are shared on a single web server.

 The Shared hosting actually is really a great step to go for. As it is affordable and less expensive, it makes proper sense. If you are having limited budget and requirements, I would seriously recommend you to go with MilesWeb cheap shared hosting india. The one factor which makes Shared hosting as a best platform to get over is that issues like maintenance and security are handled by hosting experts which means this responsibility doesn’t fall under your lap. Even if you don’t have technical skills, it doesn’t have any effect as in case of shared hosting, it’s quiet easy and user friendly.

Who should prefer using Shared hosting ?

If your site is quiet attractive then make sure it’s easy to use too. A business that lacks a website cannot get that much response and cannot be that much trustworthy. Even the smaller business should have a website as an identity to get some branding in the online world. If your site has normal requirements and less traffic then shared hosting is an ideal option for you to go with. With low costs and minimal features, a shared hosting service can help new users to build an online presence quickly.

Shared hosting is one of the most affordable hosting options in hosting industry.  In shared hosting the resources are shared on a single server. The web server offers uninterrupted internet connectivity.  As there are multiple websites hosted on a single hosting platform, the cost gets divided. It allows your website to access on the internet 24/7 support 365 days a year which means your site doesn’t get down. The hosting company takes care of it. Shared hosting is suitable to a blogger or newbie because it’s really affordable and hardly costs near about $1 if you go with MilesWeb.

Shared hosting is easy to use and access– Shared hosting setups are easy even for a website owner with no experience in website design or development.

Features offered by MilesWeb are –

  • SSD Servers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Malware Scan and Removal
  • Offsite Website Backups
  • Cloud fare CDN with Railgun
  • Site builder with 400+ Templates
  • Built in Page Caching
  • Free website migration
  • Instant chat response
  • Support in English, Hindi, Marathi.

MilesWeb offers best shared hosting plans as given below – 

MilesWeb offers the best Shared hosting Add-ons –

Website ad dons

Spam experts

Site lock Basic

Google Webmaster

Google Analytics Integration 

The benefits of Shared hosting are –

It is Cost effective – When you are looking for an affordable and economical web hosting plan then shared hosting is best for you to go with.

  • Low maintenance cost – You don’t have to look out for maintenance of shared hosting as it is looked after by your web host.
  • Free SSL and cPanel   – You get a free SSL, if you host your website with MilesWeb hosting company and also, get a user friendly cPanel.

Cons of Shared hosting –

Limited configuration options.

Affected by customers. 

Low security.

Final Words  :

I have mentioned the shared hosting usage and benefits of using shared hosting but while choosing you need to understand all the points carefully as in shared hosting limitations are there. You need to understand accordingly because shared hosting is actually for the beginners or startups that are new to hosting  but want to have visibility in the online world. Security is your biggest threat in shared hosting as your website is hosted on shared server. If you are a blogger or a newbie, I can recommend you to go with MilesWeb Shared hosting server which is ideal for you to host your site and with MilesWeb hosting  your website is safe and which helps you to expand your growth in coming future







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