How Much Does a Mobile App Development Cost?

The Google Play Store is said to power approximately 3.5 million mobile applications worldwide as of the second quarter of 2022, while the Apple App Store is close behind with 2.2 million mobile apps. In addition, the Statista Digital Market Outlook predicts that by 2025, income from mobile apps will expand and total around $613 billion across all market sectors.

Given their popularity, it’s not surprising that even digital firms in NYC are joining the trend and investing in mobile app development. A leading mobile app development company in NYC, they understand the significance of creating engaging apps. However, one question that consistently arises when discussing investment in this field is, “How much does mobile app development cost?”

This article intends to provide a thorough response to that question and in-depth insights into the contributing variables that affect app development costs, different app monetization models, the mobile app development process, and ways to save costs.

An overview of average mobile app development cost

In summary, the approximate cost to create a mobile app might be $25,000 to $150,000, and it can even approach $300,000 for specialized, complicated applications. We used tentatively since many variables affect the cost of developing a bespoke mobile app, like the complexity of the app, its features and functions, the development process, and more.

But don’t worry; we thoroughly study every significant element affecting mobile app development costs.

Once you are acquainted with these elements, you can use the common calculation method to determine how much it will cost to construct an app. The calculation or answer to how much it costs to produce an app consists in figuring out how many hours each step of the development process would take and multiplying that figure by the billable hours of resources.

So let’s start by investigating some well-known applications’ development costs.

Top 8 Elements That Affect the Mobile App Development Cost

The price of developing a mobile app depends on several important aspects. You may make the most cost-effective selections and get the most return on your growth by being aware of these cost-affecting elements. Additionally, it will assist you in sticking to your spending plan.

Let’s now explore the main elements that greatly impact the entire cost of developing mobile applications.

The Complexity of Mobile Apps

A straightforward app typically costs $5,000 to $50,000 to build. A straightforward app has a few standard user features, including a login system, user profile feature, dashboard, and restricted management.

A medium-complexity app will set you back $50,000 to $120,000. An abundance of options for user interaction and app monetization is included in a medium-complex app. These applications include social network integrations, payment gateways, audio/video streaming, user privacy, and other capabilities, in addition to the fundamental ones.

A complicated software may cost between $100,000 and $300,000 more. The most recent technology, including AI, machine learning, and AR/VR, is incorporated into these applications. These applications also include capabilities like advanced data logic, multi-language support, and many other things.

A difficult app project may include creating a total banking blockchain solution for Asian Bank to facilitate user buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The program has been downloaded more than 250,000 times and has generated over 50,000 crypto transactions.

Features and Functions of Apps

The features and functions you include in your application will significantly impact how much it costs to design an app. With additional features, the basic mobile app development cost for the kind of app you want to create continues rising.

Therefore, limiting your focus to the app’s essential functionality in its first iteration is wise. It will enable you to provide excellent customer service at reasonable prices. The best course of action is to have an MVP created. It is the first product release with a basic set of functionality. MVP will assist in getting invaluable user input while saving time and money.

Type of Application

The number of users, functionality, security requirements, and other factors all change as we go from one category to another, eventually resulting in varied app development prices.

Animation and App Design

App design is the next element that goes into the cost of making an app calculation. Pay close attention to app design if you want consumers to spend time using your app.

We typically have two choices when choosing an app design: Custom and Standard UI. Customized UI costs extra since it is more costly to create and build than the Standard UI.

App Platform 

It’s crucial to choose a platform before beginning the process of developing a mobile application. You can create an iOS, Android, web, or cross-platform application, depending on who your target market is. Choosing one platform at first is preferable if you are a startup with a small budget; afterward, you may switch to numerous platforms.

App Maintenance 

Unquestionably, costs continue beyond the last step of developing a mobile application. To stay up with shifting market trends and new device & OS versions, businesses must continually update their applications, which is costly. What consumes your finances after app development?

Bug fixes: Bug fixes for apps a bug-free smartphone app does not exist. Most often, defects aren’t discovered until after the software has been released. It will be your responsibility to watch out for such problem fixes.

Changes to the design: App designs are the one aspect of a mobile app that tends to age and lose its allure for consumers. Its app design must be updated if a firm wants to keep consumers interested.

Annual app maintenance costs are estimated at 20% of the total cost of developing a mobile app.

Reuse of Code

It’s one element that lowers the price of developing mobile applications. The cost of developing mobile applications is drastically reduced when companies choose to include the code of an existing app while just changing the branding components. When pre-existing codes are used, developing an app costs 20 to 30 percent less than developing one from scratch.

Location and Size Development Resources

Who you select to create the app will significantly impact the overall cost. Several options are available, including a professional app development business, a local team, an internal development team, or an independent developer.

However, when creating high-end apps with top-notch features and capabilities, a skilled mobile app development firm may do wonders for your business app.


How much does it thus cost to develop an app? It’s rather obvious that this inquiry has no precise prognosis. You should be able to estimate the cost of making your creative app concept a reality by considering all the impacting aspects.

If you still think it would take more work to determine the total cost of developing a mobile application. In that case, you can leverage the convenience of an app cost calculator provided by a reputable mobile app development company in NYC. In that case, you may visit the company’s website to access the calculator and get a more accurate estimate for your app development project.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
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