Monitoring Application MAC Windows

How to Use Monitoring Application for MAC and Windows to Gain Your PC Knowledge

The monitoring applications have been playing significant role in tracking computer devices without taking them into possession. You can supervise activities performed on a Windows and MAC computer from anywhere and anytime. The computer monitoring applications have been developed particularly for businesses to keep the activities of their workers under surveillance. The employers use monitoring software to track activities performed on the monitored desktop and laptop computers. The application lets you know what your workers do on their computers to help you track their productive and unproductive activities.This article discusses how you can use TheOneSpy monitoring software to track Windows and MAC computers.

TheOneSpy PC Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is cross-platform monitoring software that allows tracking computer devices running different operating systems. The software is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running different versions of Windows OS and mac OS. Once you install the software on a Mac or Windows computer, you can monitor and manage that computer device via online portal of the spyware software. The end-user of computer spy software is provided access to an online account from where they can monitor and manage the targeted computer device. The software accesses data stored on the targeted computer and uploads to the online account for the end-user to review. The online account or control panel of the spyware software is also used to send commands to the targeted device to perform certain actions.

Core Features of PC Monitoring Software 

The Windows and MAC spy software comes per loaded with a broad range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted computer device remotely and secretly.

Screen Recording

The computer tracking software enables employers to supervise real-time activities of their workers by capturing the screens of their monitored computer devices. The Windows monitoring solution lets you capture screenshots to track productive and unproductive activities of the workers. You can see and record whatever appears on the screen of the targeted computer device.

For example, if your worker is playing Solitaire on his computer rather than executing the assigned tasks, you can send command to his monitored computer to capture the real-time actions. To send command for screen recording, you need to log into the control panel of the spyware app and send command for on-demand or real-time screenshots. The MAC monitoring software offers screen recording in form of short videos. You can capture all events in form of multiple short videos.    


The MAC tracking solution lets you monitor surroundings of the targeted computer. You can operate the microphone of the targeted laptop computer to listen to the surrounding sounds. The MIC bugging feature lets you combat workplace gossips, harassment and unproductive talks. With a single command, you can turn on microphone of the targeted computer and record surrounding voices for as long as you want. 

Camera Bug

The camera of the monitored MAC computer can be turned on to view surrounding scenes. With a single Camera Bug command, you can take photo sand make short videos for specific period of time. The photos and videos captured remotely via spy app get uploaded to the online portal of spyware software.

Track Web History

The computer surveillance software lets you access internet browsing history of the targeted device. It tracks internet history of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other popular internet browsers.

Track Emails

The emails received and sent via monitored Windows and MAC computers can be tracked. The employers can monitor emails of their workers top event phishing emails and emails containing malicious, unproductive and inaccurate stuff.


The PC monitoring software of TheOneSpy records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted computer device. These keystrokes en able the end-user to access keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses of online accounts operated on the monitored device.

User-Friendly Reports

The Windows spy software lets you evaluate the performance and progress of your workers. It provides user-friendly reports on the use of computer programs and software applications. You can know which programs and software are seeking more attention and time of the workforce and whether these are productive or unproductive.The PC monitoring software offers numerous other features enabling the end-user to monitor data stored and activities performed on Windows and MAC desktop and laptop computers