We all love iPhones for various reasons. Be it their stunning looks or amazing functionalities, and we love it all. But, despite being one of the top brands, iPhones also undergo malfunctioning. It is quite impossible to make any gadget completely problem-free and make it ideal. We have listed several widespread iPhone problems faced by users on a regular basis.


Battery issues are most commonly seen in any smartphone. This is mainly due to the increase in the number of applications that run on a phone at the same time. Sometimes a new upgrade and change of iOS will affect the battery to a great extent. In order to resolve this issue, you can regularize the pattern in which you charge your iPhone. It is always better to leave the phone plugged in until the battery gets full.


You would have probably noticed the display of iPhones blacking out. It is one of the most common issues faced when you use any kind of Smartphone. This issue can be caused due to any hardware or software anomaly. In most cases, the issue is from a software stand point. If the blacking out happens after closing a particular app or while using a specific one, then try uninstalling and reinstalling it.  To get out of the “blacked-out” screen, you can also try switching off the phone and turning it on again.


It is normal for any human to forget his/her passcode. When you attempt unlocking your phone with wrong passcodes for numerous times, your phone will get locked. The only way you can get back your your iPhone after it gets disabled due to incorrect passcode attempts is to completely delete the contents of the iphone and restoring it. The better scenario is when you have all the data backed up safely in the cloud or in iTunes. In case you don’t have a back up, you will be losing all the stored data in your phone. You can unlock your device by resetting it and setting up a new passcode. You can make use of the “Recovery Mode” to get your phone back. You can also approach the experts who do iPhone repair in Christchurch to do the same for you. 


iPhones sometimes get subjected to a Camera Roll crash that will make you lose thousands of photographs from your iPhone. This might get really annoying when you want to take pictures. The problem will get reflected in the media section or gallery of your phone too. You won’t be allowed to perform any actions on the media elements present in your device. The best way or rather, the only way to fix this is to restore the factory settings of the device. This way, your iPhone will get recovered from the camera roll crash and you will be able to use your camera again. Make sure to have a complete backup of all the data as restoring the settings will lead to loss of data.


This is one of the most widespread problems faced in iPhones. You will know the issue when your screen does not respond appropriately when you move your phone close to your ears and out during a call. This problem again can be caused due to a physical or software issue. If you have gotten your screen replaced, then there are possibilities that the screen was not appropriately placed. If the problem is with the software, later you must try troubleshooting. You can try restoring the factory settings and even use the DFU mode to bring the proximity sensor back online. 

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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