What are the most useful Power Banks to Own?

Most of the time when we think about charging our electronics we usually just think of devices such as USB wall chargers or car chargers because those are the devices that we use the most when it comes to charging our smartphones and other UBS chargeable devices. However, the main problem with those type of charging electronics is that we have to keep our devices close to the charging electronics while we’re charging them and that can be a problem if we have things to do and places to go. We’re not very free when it comes to most of these types of devices as they’re stationary and that is why power banks have been on a rapid rise.

As power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere and everywhere to charge our devices. In fact, power banks have grown so quickly in the past few years that there are now many companies that sell them and that has resulted in lots of different types of power banks being created and sold on the market. It’s a great thing to have variety, that said, it can also be a bad thing because it can be difficult to know what type of portable chargers is more helpful than the other.

That why is in this guide I’ll be going over a few types of portable chargers being sold today that you’re definitely going to want to consider purchasing.

Power Banks that have Low Power Capacities

Power banks that have low capacities are among the most best types and the main reason for that is because a low capacity usually means that the power bank will use just a single battery. As a result, the usage of a single battery means that the charger itself is also small and lightweight enough that you’re able to place them into your pocket and you can also hold them for long durations of time while you charge your smartphone.

One of the most innovative small sized power banks on the market are Slim power banks and the main reason that they’re slim is that these types of chargers use Lithium Polymer batteries most of the time that enables them to have the same size as a smartphone and that is true even when it comes to its slimness.

With all that said, there is the main flaw when it comes to these highly portable power banks and that would be the fact that their power capacities are only high enough charge smartphones once or twice then you’re going to need a recharge.

Portable Chargers that have High Power Capacities

Then there are chargers that have high power capacities, which are basically the opposite of Mini portable chargers; as these types are larger and heavier because they use more batteries. Even though they’re larger, these ones are able to be taken anywhere, it’s just that most of the time they’re uncomfortable to place into a pocket.

For all of its other parts, chargers have high power capacities are still a lot a more useful than ones have low power capacities. That’s because a power capacity of 20,000mAh or higher can charge smartphones and tablets multiple times to their full power so these are great if you’re going to be away from a stable source of power. Another strong component of these power banks is that they most often use multiple USB ports so you can charge lots of devices at once with them. One of the most innovative parts of having lots of charging ports with these power banks is that quite a lot of them feature Quick Charge or USB-C tech.

Quick Charge and USB-C charging tech are compatible with certain compatible devices and that results in a much faster charging speed.

Power Banks that have their own cables

Charging cables are absolutely needed when you have to charge devices and in general, all charging electronics need them. Even wireless chargers need charging cables even though the name for them explains that they don’t require cables at all.

Power banks are one of the charging electronics on the market where having a charging cable is a must because if you forget a cable with a power bank then you can’t use the power bank. That is why there are power banks that have their own charging cables that are built-into the portable charger.

There are power banks that are at the base of having built-in components and those are the ones that have just a single built-in cable. Then there are ones that go further than that by having two built-in cables at the same time such as having a Lightning and Micro-USB cable which makes the power bank reliable to use for two different types of devices.

In addition to having built-in cables to charge your devices, there are even some that have built-in components that are able to recharge the portable charger itself. These built-in parts are things such as an AC Adapter or a USB cable that make it easier to recharge the power bank and if a power bank does have its own cables to charge your devices and a built-in part to recharge itself, then you won’t even need a cable at all.

Some of these types of power banks also have USB ports that you can use any charging cable with. One of the best ways to know if you’re purchasing the right power bank yourself is to read some portable charger reviews.

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