Design Strategies for Making a Perfect Business Logo in 2020

Visual identity is the central aspect of a company’s marketing strategy mainly because it interacts with the audience on a much larger scale as compared to other branding elements. Visual identity is memorable, and the audience can easily recall it while coming across related information. A logo can communicate the fundamental business values of a company within a first few seconds of its interaction with the audience, and that is what makes it one of the most useful elements for contributing in the development of the brand identity of a company.

The digitization of the marketing platforms is also a reason that makes visual identity crucial for developing a stronger market impact. The application of the logo has increased in the digital age, as it now has to be visible on internet sites and blogs. With this much significance, a business needs to focus on its logo designing more than ever. Following the latest logo designing trends to deliver your business values in a modern way while keeping the design distinctive and striking, is the way to go for maximized audience response.

Here are a few latest logo-designing strategies that are popular in the business industry these days. A business can choose any of them according to suitability.

Animated Logo Designs

Animation is one of the latest features that the logo designers are using nowadays. Animation can double the impact of a logo by breathing in life in a static design, and since the logos are used widely on digital platforms, animation can be practically applicable to the essential marketing platforms of a business. A logo that is animated can function better because it can deliver a message more actively and creatively while providing the viewers with an exciting sight.

Animated logos can facilitate with faster delivery of complex ideas as they are more impactful and intuitive than a static logo. However, since the technology has not progressed enough to provide a way for companies to attach animated logos on the product packaging and some other marketing platforms, the need for a static logo is still there.Even if a business uses an animated logo for digital platforms such as websites and social media accounts, it has to have a static version for other platforms.

Geometrical Designs

The use of basic geometric forms in logo design is not a new idea, but it is still a popular style. A circle is the most common choice when it comes to logo designing because of its implications.A circle can give a logo a very sophisticated look by making it composed, and systematic without taking away its fluidity. Circular logo designs imply cohesiveness, universality, connection with nature, continuation, progress, and so on.

However, other shapes have their own significance that cannot be neglected. Triangles, for instance, are regarded best for the businesses that want to demonstrate the values of step by step progression, interconnectedness, delta (finite increase in profit), and mechanical flow of energy. Similarly, other geometrical shapes have different associations and characteristics that business can display to refer to specific business values.

These forms do not only convey a few attributes, but they also carry particular energy that engages the target audience. Square can be a definite sign of solidity, stiffness, orderliness,and many other attributes that would involve an audience who are looking for a structured organization to provide them with solutions for a messy or chaotic problem. These underlying ideas are unspoken energies that a geometric shape can fill in a business logo.

All in all, the reason why geometrical shapes are trending is that geometrical shapes have the potential to deliver ideas without complicating the design. This is why many businesses choose to use geometrical shapes to base their logo designs these days.

Hand-Drawn Logo Designs

As the world is progressing technologically, our surroundings are becoming more and more cluttered with machine-made objects. Even we have logo designs that carry attributes that make them display mechanical characteristics. This overwhelming presence of machines makes natural and human made styles more attractive because of the nostalgic feels and the distinctiveness that they hold. This is the very idea that makes hand-drawn logo designs an exceptionally effective way to attract the audience and deliver the idea. The originality of a hand-drawn logo does not let it become old. It makes it look refreshing and aesthetically reflective.

Vintage Logo Designs

Reviving designs that were used in the old days is also a modern trend in logo designing. Designers bring out out dated design concepts in order to characterize logos with nostalgic energies and make them stand out from the common design trends. The fast-moving world finds nostalgia a relatable concept that can function as an emotional anchor, taking the audience back to the memories that are close to their hearts and advantaging at that moment by associating the brand to those memories in someway.

Vintage logo designs are also preferred because they have a more sustaining and solid look and it is nearly impossible that someone would pass by without noticing them. That is because a vintage logo concept was different from the logo design concept of the presentage. Designers believed in making a design that would have details, weight, and firmness. Nowadays, designers focus more on softness, comprehensiveness, and openness. Vintage designs make the brand identity more authentic and reliable for the audience because of its association with the past.

Minimalistic Logo Designs

Logo design trends that can be ranked as the topmost trending include minimalistic designs. Minimalistic logos are precise in their look and deliver the core message of the business instantly without complicating the design. These logo designs are simple and focused,making a valuable first impression on the potential audience. The shrunken attention spans can only take pieces of information that are straight forward and to-the-point, and thus, minimalistic logos can be a good choice for businesses who want to pass the information quickly.

Minimalistic designs demand creativity and understanding of the business in order to be created effectively. These designs do not have more than two to three elements and colors, and yet, they have to provide the potential buyer with an overview of a business. However, a number of successful minimalistic logos are there to inspire the designers who want to work with this trend.

Logo Designs Utilizing the Negative Space

Logo Designs often have blank spaces that most designers leave as it is. However, some designers work a little more creatively and turn the negative spaces into a meaningful element that helps the logo deliver its message more efficiently. It provides the logo a pillar that would convey the message in folds, eliminating the chances of it to fleet through the minds of the viewers. Using negative spaces of the logo design enhances the functionality of the design without increasing the number of elements that it has.

All of these design trends can be an excellent opportunity for startups and business who want to renew their logo designs if they go hand in hand with the values that the company is offering.Choosing the right design style along with the other right choices, such as logo color and placement, can help a company be an eye-catcher, yielding direct response in terms of increased sales and interactive customer relations.

Author Bio:

Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession, specialized in logo designing. He also use to write his opinions on multiple topics in order to guide people through his experience and also to spread his opinion so that people can share their thoughts. His opinions are open for a public discussion.





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