Pornography Abusing Teens Online

Pornography is one of the biggest evils these days on the web and young kids and teens are watching porn online.Therefore, parents in the digital world are very concerned about the online safety of teens especially when they connected to the cyberspace. 42% of the Internet users between the ages of 10 -17 view porn online, CNN report stated that. On the other hand, 66% of the teens say they have accidentally encountered with the adult material online and they were not intestinally lurking to pornography at all, University of New Hampshire published the study in Pediatrics. Parents don’t need to worry about kids perceiving porn online, Elizabeth Schroeder asexually expert who used work with parents, schools, organizations being asexuality expert. However, parents should do something to stop kids to get access to the online porn whether accidentally or willingly, she further added that.

How teens perceive porn online?

  • Almost 90% of teens are encouraging, accepting, or stay neutral while having discussion about the pornography with their friends
  • 51%of male teens and 32% female teens accidently or willingly watch porn
  • Children first exposure to pornography is  an average age of 12 years old

How teens unwillingly got trap to pornography?

  • 34%of teens who use internet experience unwanted exposure to porn via
  • Via miss directed email received
  • Pop–up ads
  • Miss directed links
  • Social media

How porn online harm teens?

  • Modes wings in terms of depression and anxiety
  • Don’t get satisfied with the real –life partner
  • Teensusually got low self –esteem being obsessed with porn online

Stages teens reach to the porn addiction

  • Cellphone sexting
  • Use dating apps
  • Sexting in terms of capture naked photos and videos
  • Porn

How parents can protect teens from porn online?

  • Set parental control on teens digital devices
  • Block in appropriate websites
  • Check browsing activities
  • Monitor social media activities
  • Control cell phone and PC activities

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Source: Porn Abusing Teens Online






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