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What are real-life games? Are they any good?

escape the room game

Real-life games are adventure games which are played physically inside a room or a playground designed for such event. In such games, there are teams of players which need to complete certain tasks in time or to defeat the other team. These games included escape room sao paulo , Paintball, Treasure hunt, mystery solving etc. These games are an extremely good mental and physical exercise. In real life escape room games, a player has to solve their way through mysteries, puzzles, and riddles to find clues to escape the room, Paintball shoot as we all know and have played it. So, escaping your work life to such games can give you a piece of mind and an experience to remember.

Before knowing about how good of an effect it is on your health, we must know what it is?

Escape room games or real life games are physical adventures in which real people are locked inside a room. They need to solve the puzzles, anagrams, riddles and other mysteries to get out of the room. There is a time for each time in which the games needs to be completed to get out of the room. Puzzles and other hints, clues are hidden all over the room for the players to find it. These rooms are the theme based for example: The theme can be on Sherlock Holmes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alice in Wonderland, A space adventure, Torture room, Treasure hunt, Pirates etc. Players can choose the theme they are most interested in and difficulties they want to play in as well.

Where can we find such games?

There are numerous companies and people who enthusiast such games and have arranged environments for the others to feel it too. There are escape games arranged with themed rooms all over the world, For example, Escape Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil is providing with four active themes on Sherlock Holmes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alice In Wonderland, and Merlin the Magician and there are more to come. Such legendary roles and time give a player to feel it like they were there. Other real-life games like Pokémon, Paintball shooting is almost found in every city nowadays. You can simply book these adventurous escape room games by clicking on their site and book it on extremely low charges. Have it booked for the whole family and turn it into a vacation.

Why are they good for us?

Well, who can work for a whole year and make it through without a vacation? I don’t think so any body is that capable. So such games provide you an opportunity to relax your mind and body. It’s a wonderful idea to get away from your home and office and spend some quality time with your friends, and family. One of the best things is it’s a great mental and physical exercise, as you have to solve puzzles and different mysteries while moving around here and there looking for clues. Including that, it is a wonderful social experience to interact with your friends and family face to face instead of speaking on the phone, messages or social networks. A live social experience is always better and is rememberable too. Having such amazing benefits, everyone should try it at least once in a life and shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

How can I reach one?

It’s amazingly easy. There are many companies in the world who are offering these amazing experience and games. One of the most famous ones is EscapeClub which are offering multiple Escape rooms for your whole family to enjoy. Just visit their site and book your holiday today with extremely affordable charges.

So plan one together with your family or with your friends who enthusiast such events and love the real life adventure in escape room sao Paulo.

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