Remember These Things for Android Security

The Android mobile phones are really just computers that let you do perform almost all computer functions right on your smartphone. As computers, the smartphones are also open to vulnerabilities relating to apps they run and the network connections. Here are a few things that you must keep in your mind to ensure the security of your Android mobile phones. Always lock your mobile phone with a password to restrict unwanted and unauthorized persons from accessing and using your cell phone. Read on to know what else you can do to protect your Android smartphones.

Disable Automatic Connections to Open Wi-Fi

Never allow your mobile phone to automatically connect to open Wi-Fi. Only connect to reliable or private networks. The transmission of data over unreliable connections which you do not fully control can make you lose your data or the whole control over your mobile device. However, if you really need to use an un trusted network, we recommend using a Virtual Private Network VPN and opening web connections using HTTP.

Use Different Passwords

It is a smart idea to use different password for your mobile phone, social media accounts, email accounts and other online accounts. Also,you must keep changing your password every one to two months. When a data breach incident occurs, the hackers often sell the information to third parties before the theft is detected. Frequently changing your passwords will help you ensure that a new login protocol does not work when the third party tries to use your password.

Password Management System

To keep all your passwords managed, use a password management system. There are software that let you handle password creation sand changes. The user only need to remember one password and the rest will be done by the software.

Encrypt Storage

The latest smartphones have the ability to encrypt mobile phone storage. Some mobile phones have this function set by default without the user even noticing. If you have lost your mobile phone or any other adverse incident has happened to your device, there would be little or no chance of compromising your data. Otherwise, you may make someone else to get your messages, photo,emails and even social media accounts.

Set up Remote Wipe

As storage encryption, the latest smartphones allow wiping your cell phone data remotely. It is as simple as setting up Google Sync on your Android device. If you lose your mobile phone, you can wipe all your data remotely using this feature. There is also online storage applications like TheOneSpy that let you manage your data remotely. You can also use this app to locate your misplaced cell phone and retrieve sensitive information.

Set Data Wipe after Set Number of Password Attempts 

This is not impossible for hackers to unlock your mobile phone even if you have set a strong password. Set your device to erase all of the cell phone data automatically after a set number of password attempts. It will restrict the unauthorized persons from getting to your data.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Make sure you use reliable anti-virus software to protect your Android mobile phone from malware and viruses. The anti-virus software also protects your device from vulnerabilities and malware that come with an app downloaded by you from an unknown source.

Do not Overlook Updates

The smartphones continue offering updates for the operating system and apps. These updates are designed to protect your mobile phone from the latest malware and security threats as well as providing new and improved features.So, never overlook the mobile phone updates in order to ensure the protection of your Android device.

Disable Apps from Unknown Sources

It is not recommended to download apps from sources other than Google Play Store. There are exceptions but normally the apps that are not verified by Google Play Store can be malicious. Such unprotected and unreliable apps may attempt to get access to your sensitive cell phone data and transmit this information to third parties that are hackers.

Backup your Phone

Everyone has some important stuff in their mobile phones that might be photos, messages, contacts or anything else. Losing such information can be a big loss. You may lose your mobile phone or anything may happen to your device making you lose your important data. So, make sure you create a backup for your necessary stuff to keep it secured and easily retrievable. In case your phone gets infected, wipe all data and restore it without the fear of losing crucial information.

Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Off    

Make sure you keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off when you are not using them. It does not just consume your battery but also makes your phone vulnerable to malware and threats. If your phone is allowed to get automatically connected to Public or open Wi-Fi networks, leaving your Wi-Fi turn on every time can be the riskiest.

Hope this article would be helpful in ensuring the security of Android mobile phones. Keep visiting us for more tips and tricks.     






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