The Role of Broadband Modem in High-Speed Internet Networking

Role of Broadband Modem in High-Speed Internet Networking

In today’s modern era, everybody wants to run with the speed of technology. Nobody wants to get slow down or left behind. Similarly, a broadband modem is a type of computer modem that uses high-speed of the Internet Services. On the other hand, the three common types of broadband modems are known as wireless, DSL, and cables. Such types of updated, modern, and up-to-date modems are also useful in the process of New Extender Setup when connected with your regular and existing router.

Well, the speed of the broadband devices varies from country to country. A little DSL and wireless services making use of the older technology can fall below the official limits. On the other hand, they all are known to be considered as the broadband modems.

  1. Role of a Wired broadband Modem

A wired modem is helpful in connecting a home computer directly to the residential cable television lines for the purpose of connectivity of your existing Internet. It may also interest you to know that the standard version of your cable modems supports the DOCSIS i.e. Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. Whereas, a DSL modem connects directly to the public telephones (residence) for the best Internet connectivity.

It may also interest you to know that both the cables and DSL modems facilitate transferring data over physical lines specially designed for voice or television signals (analog communication). Alternatively, a modem is not supported to the Fiber Internet. Whereas, the fiber optic cables in the modern world support the entire digital communications.

  1. Role of a Wireless Modem

  2. 2. Role of a Wireless Modem

Wireless modems are well known for connecting 3G or 4G cellular Internet Services that are commonly known to be called as Mobile or WiFi hotspots. A smart device can also be technically connected with a wireless modem when connected to a new different device in the so-called “tethering” mode. Such types of modems are a lot helpful in setting up any of your new devices like you buy a range extender for high-speed of  Internet everywhere in the house. You just have to take care of few things:

  • Physically connect your router with the wireless modem and your wireless modem physically with the existing router.
  • After that, you have to unbox your range extender and plug in nearby your existing router and the modem.
  • Subsequently, take the help of another Ethernet cable and physically connect your smart device with it.
  • Once you have connected all of your smart devices with each other, you are now supposed to open a web browser and type mywifiext, in field of the address bar.
  • Make sure that you have the right login details in order to get into New Extender Setup page.

Note: New WiFi Extender Setup cannot be competed if you hide your router or use the older version of it. Also, remember that you are using the latest version of your device plus it is not overheated and overloaded with malicious files and malware.

  1. Be certain that your modem does not face any connectivity issues

Here, we would like to share something more valuable with our precious and worthless users. You may know that the Microsoft Windows sometimes display an error message when troubleshooting a home broadband connection that is continuously malfunctioning. This will be the most annoying situation faced by the user and this type of message refers specifically to the existing modem. Well, you can get rid of such error messages. Want to know how? Have a look below.

  • Take care of your broadband router. Set up all the brain-teasers issues for it. Always receive live Internet signals coming out of the main router. Don’t do the mistake of hiding it.
  • Do not create differences between your smart device and the router. Keep the antennas of your device in a vertical position.
  • Use the latest version of router and modem as well.
  • Never let dust or heat to cover any of the above-mentioned or any smart devices.
  • Always place your device that is totally away from heat, dirt, and crowded files or data.

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