Samsung S9 Plus: Few Reasons to buy and not to buy

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is officially up for the markets of Pakistan but should you pay attention on it? This is a pricy Smartphone and you should think why this can be your next drive and why this cannot before making a purchase. We are here explaining some reasons to buy Galaxy S9 Plus in Pakistan and some reasons to ignore this handset, as well. The company has been experiencing very-hard-to-beat competitors around the world for some years. Once, it was one king of Smartphone world. But there are now many more interesting names gaining kindness of customers. This year, Samsung has focused on many improvements this year to fight against its hard rivals but is the company went successful? Let’s dive into details as this is good before giving a serious disturbance to pocket.

3 Reasons To Buy Samsung S9+

Remarkable Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has the best camera ever, it does beat rivals powerfully. Coming in details, this is the first phone in this series to feature a dual camera setup. It has one wide-angle 12MP camera featuring dual apertures, f/1.5 and f/2.4. The second one is a 12MP telephoto lens with f/2.4 aperture. This is one of best camera setup to handle any light condition. It gains amount of light through aperture and then bring inspirational shots. If you own a Digital SLR camera or have experience with it in past, you will feel a little similar experience. The lens on DSLR contain a line of aperture blades that go vary in size depending on light. It is about settings of exposure, mostly Smartphone do not feature default variation of exposure because of a fixed aperture. Your GS9 Plus camera will act according to light, if you are enjoying photography in low light, the phone will use wide f/2.4 angle lens, otherwise standard f/2.4 aperture will try to satisfy your hunger. Switching between apertures enhance the performance of camera.

The fun is not over on just lowlight photography, the Galaxy S9+ has something more to impress. It comes with a special super-slow motion video mode, letting you record HD videos at 960 frames per second. Except Sony Xperia phones, no rival of this phone is in market with same mode. Many smartphones are already offering slow motion videos but not at 960 frames. Even, Apple iPhone can record at just 240 frames, extremely below than Samsung’s offer. Along with this, camera of Galaxy S9 Plus has motion detection function (it detects intelligently where to begin recording). It is pretty easy to make new GIF files on this phone as well.

Crazy fast performance

Being a high-end smartphone of company, the Galaxy S9 Plus gives you crazy fast performance. Galaxy S9 Plus in Pakistan comes with a Samsung-made Exynos 9810 chip. This is octa-core processor containing four 2.8Ghz Mongoose M3 cores and four 1.7Ghz cores of Cortex-A55. It is assisted with a Mali-G72 MP18 graphical unit, an 18 core graphics card. This is 10nm processing point of Mongoose’s third generation. It lets you enjoy 6CA modem, a new Cat.18 LTE modem you can use to get up to 1.2Gbps speed. This is huge, is not this? Moreover, it offers you 2CA uploading, up to 200Mbps. So if you are internet speed conscious, this would be one of best option you can pick to get your life in a comfortable situation. It is all about online collaboration suitable for serious professionals. The latest chip is capable to capture 4K photographs impressively. GeekBench has shown 8976 scores on its benchmark. People looking for a speed device in many terms can fulfil their hunger with this latest option in markets of Pakistan.

Longer Battery Life

I do not really claim that the Galaxy S9+ battery life is longer than all competitors. But it is pretty enough to keep you running all day. It comes with 3,500mAh battery, it is higher than the traditional S9 and Galaxy Note 9. It can easily survive around twenty four hours without asking you to limit your usage. Just like past, Samsung has added fast charging feature letting you get charged the device in very short time. While getting ready for the office (taking bath and breakfast), it will be charged enough to stay alive till the last hour of your official day. And along with fast charging, Samsung has enabled this phone to get charged wirelessly via WPC and PMA.

2 Reasons Not To Buy Samsung S9+

Same old design

It is ugly, Samsung has not altered the design. The new smartphone still gives look and feel of old year. I am seeing same design since Galaxy S6 edge launch. Just increase in size is not enough to keep customers happy. Three flagships (S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note8) the company is using to attract rich customers of market but all have same design. This is most irritating point Samsung has disturbed its fans with. We love to experience something new and the company has not felt it deeply. However, the company has made the fingerprint scanner a little more easy to use. This is one worthy change we appreciate.

Very expensive

Just like its big rival Apple iPhone X, Samsung has introduced this catchy smartphone with very high price tag. It costs you almost one lac, just like the original Galaxy Note8. Many top-class phones are offering decent range of features at lower prices, they can easily beat what Samsung is itching to gain. Especially, the OnePlus 5t is one worthy device with tons of goodies but at very affordable price when compared to other devices. If people consider super slow motion mode noticeable before making a purchase, Xperia XZ2 is there (and even with a better experience).





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