How to Do Screen Recording of WhatsApp Messenger?

Social networking apps these days are very popular among everyone. You may have seen people texting and striking continuously on mobile phone keypads all day long. What do you think what they really do on their cell phones especially when it is connected to the internet?

Obviously, they are using social messaging apps on their smartphones and doing posting news feeds, shared photos, like comments and posting comments and plenty of other activities Young kids and teens are using multiple instant messaging accounts and according to the reports published in credible news sources, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is at the top list. 

So, teens and kids are the most frequent users of the instant messaging apps as compare to the adults.Therefore, parents want to monitor the WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and also want to do the screen recording of both social media apps.  How it is possible for parents to do it convincingly?

Install cell phone spy app

Initially, the very first step you need to take is to visit the official website of the mobile phone monitoring app. Then you need to get the subscription of the cell phone monitoring software. Resultantly, users will get the credentials via an email.

Then you have to have the physical access on the target device on which you want to do the screen recording of WhatsApp and messenger. Now install the phone spy app on the target device. When the installation process comes to an end you will have to activate the cell phone monitoring software on the target device.

 When you are dealing with the activation process you will see a pop –up message. It will provide you two option and you need to choose out of one. You can do digital parenting and need to make the monitoring app for mobile phone sneaky.

Further, you can use it openly without hiding the parental control app on your target device. Now use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can visit the live screen recording tools. There you just need to use it and you will be able to get what you are looking for. Let

Cell phone monitoring app tool: live Whatsapp screen recording

The users have done with the requirement such as an installation of the mobile phone tracking app,activation, and access to the web portal. Then he/she need to visit the screen recording tools. Now user needs to use the WhatsApp screen recording app. It will enable a user to get access to the online control panel and then send a command on the target device to record the screen of the target device when WhatsApp is active on the device. Once the command has received on the target mobile phone it will start screen recording in terms of short videos and then send the videos to the web portal. User already has the access to the dashboard where he/she can view the videos and get to know each and every single activity happens to be on the whatsapp social media app. So, users have done with the WhatsApp screen recording activity and have got the information of the target about the instant messaging app to the fullest.

Phone spy software tool: Live Facebook Screen recording

I think you have got to know how to do the screen recording of the social media apps such as WhatsApp. Now move towards your next target that is Facebook social messaging app. You can perform the similar screen recording activity on the messenger. You just need to visit the dashboard of the cell phone surveillance software and get access to the monitoring tools. Now get your hands on the live screen recording tool and you will have the tool of Live Facebook screen recorder in the drop-down menu. You just need to make a tap on it. Then you have to send command on the target device to perform screen recording on FB messenger. Once the command has been received, it will get started with recording and make short back to back videos. You can visit the videos into the web portal and get to know what has happened on the messenger to the fullest.


Cell phone monitoring software is the best tool to perform screen recording of the WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. It will empower the user to do it with no time and in real –time.






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