Secrets to Getting Python to Complete Tasks Quickly and Efficiently

Secrets to Getting Python to Complete Tasks Quickly and Efficiently

The popularity of Python has increased more than ever. From front-end development, back-end web development, it is everywhere. This language is meant to perform all general purposes and has become a must-have tool for every self-respecting programmer.

But despite above reasons, Python has gained popularity as it is easy to learn, agile, and powerful. Learning a new language can be daunting, but with suitable guides and tutorials, the tasks become extremely easy.

However, we bring you the solution! This post would tell you all secret ways to get learn Python and employ it to complete tasks in a more efficient and swift manner.

So, have a quick glance!

  • Learning the Basics

There are different types of versions of Python available, like Python 3.2 and 2.7. Though these versions have very fewer differences, especially at the beginning level there are still some variations between the two.

If you are confused between the versions of Python to choose then do check Wikibooks! It is an excellent source to learn about Python. It provides guides and all information related to coding quickly. In addition to this, do check the original information resource, which is But this might seem quite tricky to beginners as the content is highly technical.

Hence, a great idea is, to begin with, Wikibooks and then gradually move to to have a complete understanding of this subject.

  • Checking the Screencasts and Tutorials

The ‘Python Playlist’ from TheNewBoston’s playlist is another great source to learn python. This playlist starts with the very basics and would provide you with a firm knowledge of each subject.

Similar to this is the information presented by Lavelle at Nettuts Python. These series is interesting to gain real-world application knowledge and aim towards teaching about web development with Python. With the help of this screencast, you can learn to build a dynamic website with Python framework from scratch.

Furthermore, do check the Python-related videos range from ShowMeDo, which starts from beginners range to the using the advanced Python techniques. Lastly, do check the tutorial ‘Build a Python Bot,’ which discloses how the power of Python can be applied to everyday tasks that you would experience on the computer.

  • Free E-books are a Rich Source

With a comprehensive assortment of free e-books available for Python language, it is possible to get the support and knowledge you’ve been looking for. Once such eBook is ‘Learn Python the Hard Way’ that makes learning Python extremely easy. It is a comprehensive guide that details you about coding.

Another great source of information is ‘How to Think Like a Computer Scientist.’ This book offers more theoretical knowledge and is great to learn the high-level concepts and algorithm theory.

‘Invent with Python’ is another book that is focused on game development quickly and efficiently. However, if you want to learn Python for web development then ‘the Django Book’ is an ideal choice. It is an invaluable source for beginners as well as experts.

If you are not clear still, then do check for eBooks at Definitely, you would be able to make a selection from an extensive list of eBooks.

  • Gain Familiarity with StackOverflow

Might be you not the first one to experience a mistake! There are thousands of developers out in the world who have faced similar mistakes and issues. So, when you happen to land on an error then StackOverflow is a rich source to find a solution to your problems. Most likely, you will be able to find a solution to every problem.

Besides solutions, StackOverflow offers some intelligent and helpful tactics to learn about hidden features of Python. Most of the tricks and tips presented here are in the form of tutorials.

  • Know what is Project Euler

One of the top favorite websites among Python learners and users is Project Euler!

With more than 400 problems listed on the site, it can be an interesting way to learn all about Python. You can even test your knowledge about Python by solving the problems. Eventually, the difficulty levels of problems will solve and would help you find most efficient algorithm.

Whenever you experience a new problem, you would have an access to the forum thread of that problem where numerous people can discuss their ideas and solutions with one another. You can pick a solution that is speedy and that you like. Over time, you would be able to pick all the tricks and help your Python knowledge grow in a rewarding and meaningful way.

Besides the problems, there are numerous great blogs about the Project Euler problems. You can always sneak peak to such blogs to have a better understanding of the subject.

  • Learn to Develop a Game

PyGame is one of the best game libraries for Python. It offers numerous free tutorials.

The PyGame developers showcase intro documentation, which is too technical and ideal to jump start and build your game. The free eBook ‘Invent with Python’ runs through PyGame library offering you rich knowledge about Python language. It would help you create a perfect platform to begin your projects by offering you detailed and extensive knowledge of the Python coding.

Another excellent game development tutorial is TheNewBoston’s Computer Game. It presents detailed information assuming you have zero knowledge of the subject.

  • Know About Some Common Python Tools and Libraries

Python is an excellent language, which can do anything. Hence, there is an endless supply of tools and libraries. PyPy, SciPy + NumPy, Python Image Library, beautiful soaps, and Django are some of the common tools and libraries in Python. With an apt knowledge of such tools and libraries, it would be possible for you to use Python to complete tasks more efficiently and quickly.

  • Do Try the Open Source Projects

Once you’ve gained decent knowledge of the language and can comprehend the coding of other people then do try different open source projects. This will help you get great knowledge about the Python language.

Bitbucket and Github are two best places to start with this. Don’t worry if people judge your code and think that you have not contributed in the right way. You are free to tinker and fork your project and see how distinct things work. If there is anything that you think that can be improved or enhanced then submit such improvements.


I hope this post has provided you with a solid base to gain Python Knowledge. So, try these ways and definitely, you would be able to gain proficiency in the subject so that you are able to use Python to complete tasks efficiently and quickly.

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