Shelf Brackets Are An Essential Item In Shelving

Shelving with the right height and hung in the right place makes a store pop. This changes the overall flow of your establishment. Shelves have functional and aesthetic qualities. Make the most of shelving require the use of appropriate sturdy brackets hidden or visible but enhancing the look of the shelves. Shelves come in various options and are installed in various ways with the ultimate goal of stylishly showing off your merchandise.

Shelves are installed in various areas including corners to match the overall theme. The ideal shelves are backed by sturdy brackets to match your display needs. Additionally, the shelving should give a stellar visual to customers walking into your store by drawing their eyes from other areas. Read on to discover the bracket options to make the most of shelving in your store.

Floating brackets

These support various shelves with a flat bar design for easier installation compared to the regular round bar design. The flat bar of floating brackets fits into a round hole while remaining stable without movement. This design offers room for error while drilling into the shelf for convenience. Floating brackets come in standard and heavy-duty options. Regular floating shelves are for installing behind the shelf and outside drywall. The bracket includes metal bars for mounting inside the shelf to remain invisible when suspended.

Alternatively, installing heady-duty floating brackets requires removing drywall. This allows mounting the bracket directly to the wooden wall stud side. After installation, the drywall is placed back on the wall making the bracket to become visible from the wall. The shelf rests on the exposed bracket while the mounted side remains concealed making it float. This makes people assume that your shelving is floating.

Angle brackets

You can also get shelf brackets to support shelving from materials including wood, normal weight glass, and metal. Angle brackets are clear coated for a modern and rustic look. You can have these brackets painted in a color matching your overall décor and theme. These brackets come in various options to suit various applications.

Right angle brackets have a simple L shape in various sizes for supporting various types of shelves. Keep in mind that L-shape brackets are highly versatile by fitting various sizes for wooden shelves. When looking forward to including decent weight on the shelving, opt for steel angle brackets for their strong design.

Lip bracket

This type of shelving bracket comes with a mounting plate beneath the shelf with a lip in front after mounting. So, you have to match the size of the bracket to that of the shelving. This allows securing the shelf safely without chances of falling. The lip brackets might come with a countersunk mounting hole for mounting the shelf to the bracket.

The lip brackets have exceptional durability to support the weight of the shelving and whatever you are displaying on. These brackets have curled lips at the end to limit the shelves from slipping. This also works as a design element to enhance the look of the shelving. A combination of distressed barn wood for shelving and lip brackets with a black finish will offer your shelving a rustic look.

Hook bracket

These have a design that determines how wide your shelving should be. The best thing about hook brackets is the visual appeal and ease of installation. These brackets have an inch long hook to prevent the shelf from sliding off and each bracket supports about 40 lbs. For more weight, use two brackets for the shelving mounted into the studs. Keep in mind that drywall anchors don’t support the similar weight.

Heavy-duty brackets

Apart from regular brackets, these come reinforced to support more weight in various options. Heavy-duty hidden brackets come in various lengths including 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches with right or left mounts. You can have these brackets stud-mounted with other brackets to support virtually anything. These brackets become invisible after installation for a clean, classing, and floating look for your product display.

Heavy-duty brackets have exceptional strength to various items without burrs with nice smooth edges. This allows supporting heavy stone shelving to put your store display to another level. Reinforced heavy-duty brackets are ideal for supporting extra weight. These have an extra brace to boost load capacity. The brackets have countersunk mounting holes for a smooth and professional finish.

Bottom line

Your display can make or break your store business. Shelving allows putting your products within reach of shoppers’ eyes. Making the most of store shelving requires the use of appropriate brackets to support the shelves. These come in various designs, styles, and weights, and load capacity. Choice of brackets significantly enhances the overall look for your store display. The ultimate goal of investing in brackets is to allow your shelving to grab the attention of shoppers. This increases chances of more sales to keep your business afloat.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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