Shortcuts That All iOS Users Have To Know

If you have mastered the basics of using iOS devices, this is just the tip of the iceberg. No matter how long you have been using an iPad or iPhone, we bet it is still much you can learn about their features. In this post, we have gathered some of the most important tricks and shortcuts that each iOS user should add to his toolbox.

Power On And Off Your Device

Let’s start with the basics. Turning on and off your devices is similar on all models that were presented before 2018 iPad Pro and iPhone X.Here is how you can do it on older models:

  • Hold to the power button until a slider pops up on your screen, then swipe it to power off.
  • To turn your device back on, hold to the power button again and wait until your device turns on. Then enter your password to unlock (if you have one) or just press the Home button to start using your tablet or the phone.

What if you own a newer version of iPad or iPhone? Then follow this guide:

  • Hold to the sleep/wake button and one of the volume buttons simultaneously, and then swipe a slider to turn off your device.
  • Use the same buttons to power on again.
  • Forced Reboot

If you are observing a system failure and can’t turn off your phone the regular way, you can force it to reboot. To do this, you have to press Volume Up, Volume Down, and Side buttons in the same sequence.

The same combination of buttons works for all models. The only difference is that owners of iPhone 8 and newer have to quickly click and release those buttons.

Get Rid Of Keyboard Clicks

If you don’t want to hear those clicking sounds when you are typing, go to Sound & Hap-tics tab in your settings and disable Keyboard Clicks.

Taking Screenshots

If you are wondering how to take a screenshot on iPad or iPhone, here is a detailed guide:

  • For any iPad and iPhones below X – press home and power buttons simultaneously. 
  • For iPhone X – press Side and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
  • 3D Touch Shortcuts

Almost all apps have quick and convenient shortcuts that allow you to perform certain actions within those applications quicker and easier, right from your home screen. To use this feature, press hard on the app you want to use and pick the needed shortcut.

Browser’s History

For a quick insight into your recent Safari history, open the browser, then click and hold the back button. This will bring up a list of recently reviewed pages. You can reopen any of them by clicking a specific tabor close the History tab by clicking Done. 

One More Way To View Recently Closed Tabs And Reopen Them

Here is another tip that allows you to bring back a tab you have accidentally closed – in the tab view, hold the + icon. You will see a full list of tabs that were closed recently. Tap on any to reopen or click Done to close the history. 

Create Custom Shortcuts

If you find yourself spending too much time typing messages on your iPhone or iPad, we have a tip that will save you some time. You can create custom keyboard shortcuts for the phrases you use often. This way, when you type a specific emoji or word, the system will automatically replace it with a set phrase. To create a new shortcut open Settings tab on your device, then go to General > Keyboard. In the Keyboard menu, find Text Replacement feature and click + to add a new one. Type the phrase you need and choose a shortcut for it, and then click Save . 

Enable And Disable Predictive Typing Feature Quickly 

Go to any app that allows you to bring up the keyboard. Hold the icon of a globe and choose Keyboard Settings. In the new tab, find Predictive Typing and click on it to turn it on or off.  

Add A Period With A Double Space 

This feature can save you some time when you are typing. If you enable it, you won’t have to search for a period and add it manually in your text. To set it up go to your device’s Settings, then navigate to General >Keyboard and enable the period shortcut. 






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