SnapChat – The Thorn in Every Parent’s Rosebush

SnapChat is that one of a kind app that not only has various one of a kind features but it also is also something that has tweens and teens equally entranced and have them captivated – hook, line and sinker. They cannot help but go back to the app and keep using it over and over again, even in situations where they should, under no circumstances, use it. All those reasons make it reason enough to make SnapChat the thorn in every reasonable and concerned parent’s rosebush. They know it and they know it real good that even though SnapChat maybe Kylie Jenner’s domain, but it is not something their teen should use.

Why SnapChat?

SnapChat is that one social media app that has taken over the whole world by a storm, more so than any other social networking app, like ever. The most probable reason behind it just might happen to be the basic format of the app. It is new, refreshing, one of a kind and something that no one has ever seen before, like ever. You can create these short and sweet snippets of your life and then share it with your friends, adorn videos and images with these amazing, too good to be true interactive filters and get every body’s attention just like that. Not to mention that these videos and images that you have shared can self destruct after a while, as if there was nothing there in the first place. While a thing such as this one is great for teens and people who like to remain active on the social media, the self destruct part of the deal is certain to make some loved ones feel on the fence about it.

What Can You Do About It?

As we have already said, SnapChat is quite a favorite app amongst teens these days. It has been reported for being used many times as a tool in criminal investigations where the person charged with those heinous crimes have, at one point or another, taken a SnapChat of their victim and shared it with the world. It is also being very popularly used to share sexts with whomever on the other side, cheating in their partner or cheating on their parent’s trust and what not.

Furthermore, its self destruct feature can also come in handy for people that are trying to sell the secrets of the company that they work for to their competitors in order to make money on the side. Fortunately for you, with a number of amazing spy applications at hand, they will not be able to do so for long. One of these amazing apps is TOS or TheOneSpy that cannot only help you out with the SnapChat problem, along with various others in a snap, literally.

How TOS Can Help?

TOS is an app that can allow you to actually look into the SnapChat profile and provide you with all sort of information regarding their activity on the app. It can have something to do with the messages they have been sending and receiving or the videos they have been SnapChatting with their friends. This is how TOS can work for you;

  • Provide you access to the app.
  • Takes screenshot of every single text message being sent and received as well as the media being shared.
  • Takes screenshot of the screen every 3 seconds when the user of the targeted device starts using SnapChat or starts communicating through it.
  • Download the screen shots down to your TOS control panel before the messages can possibly deleted.
  • Stores the uploaded SnapChats for you for an indefinite amount of time.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. Now, not only do you know why SnapChat is as famous as it is at the moment and why it has taken over the entire world by storm. Its interactive nature along with the ability to use one of the various amazing features that it has to offer is something that has become the integral part of a teenager’s life in this time and age. Therefore, it has become just as important for parents to keep their children safe from the ills of SnapChat in the best way possible. Thankfully they have something like TheOneSpy to help them out with the matter in every single way.