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The Social and Economic Impact of Piracy in the USA

Economic Impact of Piracy

Piracy in simple terms is stealing from the people who have worked hard on something. The piracy we will be covering in this article will pertain to the software piracy, downloading copyright music and movies for free or illegally streaming them.

All of above falls in piracy. When the piracy is spread wide-scale it can lead to hampered progress of both society and economic order. The laws in the USA are particularly very strict with respect to piracy but that has not stopped people in general from getting their hands on pirated content.

Mostly the torrenting community is built on this idea where content is available for free to be shared among people those who have access to that torrent. While downloading torrents in itself, is not illegal, it’s the content which is mostly copyrighted which attributes the act as illegal. People actually search things like top downloaded movies, top TV shows, and whatnot because when you torrent, everything is there… and it’s all on the house.

The economic impact

The ill of piracy is expected to grow in an exponential manner if it isn’t combatted. Piracy tends to eat away the world’s economy. The US is especially affected by piracy as it is losing a lot of money. According to estimates, 12.5 billion in dollars, in addition to 71,060 jobs in the years 2010-2012.

The statistics are a bit old but you can imagine the extent of piracy prevalent. The need of the hour is to stop it from reaching the point from where coming back becomes impossible. There are numerous websites which are facilitating the piracy of information, close to 84,000 in number.

Punishment laws are in place and they need to be enacted in letter and spirit. There are copyright laws that exist but the follow-up is lacking. If the government were to focus its shift on cracking down these cybercriminals there will be a huge reduction in the rate of piracy.

A precedent needs to be set to instil fear in the hearts and minds of the people who engage in piracy. Without this fear, everything from fine to prison time is just talk. If only the government knew how much online piracy is hurting the programmers and artists, they’d be more serious.

Societal impact

Be it Unites States or any other country in the world where piracy is practiced, we have established that it is tantamount to stealing. Piracy has spread like wildfire and people are becoming more and more confident. This has led to a society where people are reluctant in spending and are looking for other ways out to get stuff for, well, “free!” And why not, there’s actually a demand for pirated movies.

Also, it is unfair to those individuals who respect the laws and are actually buying the program for use. If this piracy ill is to persist, even those upright citizens will resort to pirated content. The structure of society is seemingly at risk due to piracy.

The element of responsibility gets thrown out of the window as piracy is contagious. A society with no moral compass will never pay to purchase a legal copy of the software. The US may be a superpower but it has not yet found a way to rid her society of piracy.

In conclusion

So now we know how much harm piracy is causing to us but people are clever. They have even devised measures to not get caught. Streaming content is also piracy and people are using cloaking apps to hide their IP addresses which may or may not be ethical, again, depending upon the usage.

Point being, the challenge is humongous and the agencies cannot turn a blind eye towards piracy. To be able to preserve our society and economic order, curtailing piracy is crucial. And not just in the USA but around the globe.

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