Why Social Media Aggregator tools are So Useful?

What Are Social Media Aggregators ?

In this digitally scattered world, social media aggregators are like the wooden log of hope for a drowning person in the middle of an ocean. 

A social aggregator is a tool that allows you to discover and aggregate content from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and many more others like that.

They extract social media content from multiple channels via hashtags, handles, usernames, mentions, locations, and others. 

Most social media aggregators operate in real-time. They update the feeds being displayed as soon as they are uploaded online.

Once the aggregators collect the social media feeds from multiple sources, they give you the power to curate, moderate, filter,customize, and manage the content before displaying them to the audience.

Social media channels are the pool of user-generated content.Users upload images, videos, texts, comments, reviews, and feedback related to various brands, their products, and services. They share their experiences with brands through this user-generated content.

Using a social media aggregator gives you the ultimate opportunity to excavate amazing user-generated content that you can use for displaying social proof for your brand.

So, Why Are Social Media Aggregators So Useful?

To start with, social media aggregators do the most basic and the most important task of aggregation by bringing  content from multiple sources to a single place. 

That saves you from the time-taking efforts of visiting individual websites and keeping track of the latest social content updates on each one which is a really daunting task. Aggregators save you from this nearly impossible task. It does that for you. 

You get to discover the hidden and the unrevealed user-generated content from the hooks and corners of various social media platforms via hashtags, handles, usernames, mentions, and locations. This helps you to keep your feeds original, fresh, dynamic, and totally different which gives you an edge over your competitors when it comes to marketing your brand.

User-generated content is created by users with their free will.It might not always resonate with your brand theme and standards. Hence, before being displayed to your audience, it needs to be curated.

Social media aggregators give you the power to do so. They let you moderate, and curate the user-generated content and filter out their relevant content before being displayed. It is really important as a feature that comes along with aggregators.

Some media aggregators, like Taggbox, also comes with display options where they allow you to display your aggregated and curated content on digital screens for events, digital signage, trade shows, conferences, concerts, and many more. In fact, they also let you embed these social media feeds on your website through a social wall.

This helps you to maximize the touch points with your users.

A good social media aggregator comes with a bag full of features. That’s what makes it so useful. 

For example, let’s assume you are using aggregator that only does the function of aggregation. It collects social feeds from multiple social media channels but just that. It doesn’t give you the option to customize it or to present it in an engaging manner to your audience.Then what use the aggregated feeds are for?

Get my point ?

So, a good social media aggregator not only performs the basic function of aggregation but also allows you to customize your social media feeds and present them in a way that resonates with your brand theme and engages with your audience simultaneously. It comes with amazing display themes and layout options to present your content in an amazing way.

Not only that, aggregator also offers you robust Analytics reports that give you a deeper insight of the performance of your social content on various social media platforms. This helps you to understand your customers’ behavior and make amends in your content strategy accordingly.This further improves your digital marketing strategy.

Some really great social media aggregators also provide this unique feature of Sentiment Analysis where you can tap into the reactions and sentiments of the users interacting with your content. It helps you to better understand the customer dynamics and build stronger customer relations.

Final Words

So, now you know why aggregator tools are so necessary for any marketing strategy! Because they ease up your work, save you time and money to invest somewhere better, and because they are just awesome.

So what is it that is still holding you back from using a social media aggregator for your marketing strategy.






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