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Social Media Trends that Will Strike Us in 2018

Even since it was first created, social media has taken the world by storm and people are literally addicted to it. It has become almost a reflex action to check the social media updates constantly, wherever you are. And when households are flooded with gadgets of all shapes and sizes and the subscription to a steady Internet connection is mandatory, then how can people not get addicted to social media forums that are not only free but packed with all sorts of entertaining stuff and things of everyone’s interest.

When it comes to the choice of the right ISP, smart residents of this contemporary Digital Age do not compromise on losing touch with the social media forums for even a split of a second. And hence they perform online searches like ‘Internet Service Providers in My Area’ and scrutinize thoroughly all the offered features before subscribing to one. And as we enter into the year 2018, just like the previous year, many social media trends are going to hit us and we are going to get addicted to them.

latest social media trends

No one can deny the influential power that social media forums have on us, which is exactly why all these trends are created to make the best use of social media forums.

We will be listing some of the latest social media trends in this post, that are going to make us addicted to them in the year 2018:

More Face Filters and Augmented Reality

Face Filters and Augmented Reality

Yes, face filters were popular in 2017 and before, especially the Snapchat and Instagram ones are most popular of them all, but 2018 will bring more innovative and catchy face filters than ever.  The overwhelming response of the consumers to these trendy and fun face filters have further urged the social media forums to create more creative filters. There will be more entertaining and interesting filters than the monotonous dog ears, bunny ears, flower wreath, that were some of the most popular filters by Snapchat and Instagram.

The key to success is the advertising ability after these social media forums have created these new filters.

Social media forums such as Instagram may offer customized face filters with the sponsorship of different brands. With the latest iPhone X, that has features like augmented reality and facial recognition, social media sites are most likely to dive first into this very trend.

Instagram has credits to release over 20 innovative features in the year 2017 and many were essentially a part of the famous Instagram stories. Brands and users can expect seeing stickers, augmented reality and face filters as new driving tools in the content of social media in 2018.

     Taking a Strong Stance and Raising a Voice

 Taking a Strong Stance and Raising a Voice

The trend of raising voice against crimes, violence, violation of laws, racial discrimination, bullying, wrongs in the political and ruling systems, suppression of transgender and women’s rights, and so many other social issues is such a healthy practice that we can’t encourage enough! Gone are the days when you faced a terrible situation and you wait for the mainstream news channels or reporters to cover your story and the authorities to offer some resolution. Thanks to social media forums, which have given the general public a forum to vent out their sufferings and have ensured that they are heard.

In the lesser developed parts of the world, there are many such happenings that go unheard and unresolved, but now with the access to social media forums around the globe, there is so much that we get to know about the injustices across the world. And this trend is going to be more overwhelming and powerful in 2018 with improved and better-listening tools and more catchy campaigns. People are going to use this trend for better awareness and to project the issues in the society better, and now with net neutrality, no one can stop or suppress the voice.

     Customers and Brands to Connect Better with Higher Engagement

 Customers and Brands to Connect Better with Higher Engagement

Have you ever been tempted to buy something that you didn’t really need but you ended up placing an online order, surrendering before the mighty and persuasive force of social media marketing ? Guilty? We all are. The marketing capabilities of social media are undeniable and irresistible and we all can relate to this.  And brands have realized the marketing potential of social media too. By making a strong social-media presence, through creating pages that redirect customers to the official websites, brands have further worked out intelligent marketing strategies and plans to win a massive number of consumers through social media forums in the year 2018.

The customers write reviews and user testimonials that help tremendously in a brand to improve their products or services. Also, the trend of giving credits to brands by millennials when they achieve a milestone is also in favor of the brands. One instance is fitness pages or diets, where users give credit to the brand (in the form of hashtags) when they achieve a milestone of perhaps, losing weight. This is very helpful in brand recognition.

In 2018, brands are going to improve their communication with the customers and they can have the power to reach out to consumers through mentions, tags, messages, comments and many other tools.

      Live Streaming Will Become a Way of Life

Live Streaming Will Become a Way of Life In 2017, live-streaming was popular but if you make a survey, you would find out that many consumers would prefer to read a blog post, or user testimonials and reviews or social media posts than to watch a live video. So, you can’t really say that live streaming dominated in 2017, but there are high expectations that live streaming will take everyone by storm in the year 2018. Mainly because social networking sites are supporting the live-videos format and both brands and audiences are now perfectly familiar with the format.

Live videos have emerged as the coolest way to make active interaction with the audience through social media. Rather it has become an expectation by the audience, and brands have to come up with creative and catchy videos to meet the expectations of the audience.

  •     Privacy Will Become a Priority

  •  Privacy Will Become a Priority
  • People are not very satisfied with privacy policies of social networking sites. Often on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the accounts are hacked, personal and confidential information shared by pages and other ways in which users abuse the system. Although social media sites have tried to track and crack down the abusers of the system and have also tried to keep the users fully aware of the privacy rights, but still users crave for a forum or a site that can secure their information in the complete sense of the word.We believe in 2018, we will witness an increase in popularity and number of the social media Apps that can secure and satisfy the privacy concerns of the people. After all, users are all about their comfort and security.

    So, to enjoy these amazing trends and changes in social media forums to the fullest, ensure a subscription to one of the best ISP in town. Check out Optimum Triple Play and standalone packages and satisfy your social media cravings.

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