6 Steps on How to Simplify and Identify the Original iPhone

The smartphone market is filled with fake iPhones that are smartly designed in the same way as the original Apple iPhone are. Some fake iPhones are very similar to genuine iPhones in their physical appearance. From Apple logo, button placement, phone size and other indicators, some clone iPhones are really good copies of genuine one. Luckily it is not hard to differentiate between a fake and an original iPhone. Like some fake iPhones may offer dual SIM and extended memory which the genuine iPhone does not offer. In this article,we have discussed the most common mistakes of clone iPhones. Read on to know how you can identify a fake and a genuine iPhone with a few simple steps.

How to Simplify and Identify the Original iPhone (6 Steps)

There are different ways to check out if an iPhone is genuine or fake. You can find the difference in their physical appearance, performance and system. You may find dissimilarities in the appearance of fake Apple smart phone even if it is so cleverly copied. Similarly, the performance of a genuine iPhones, undoubtedly, incomparable.

The fake smartphones available in market have poor quality cameras that take blur and bad photos regardless of the lighting condition. Moreover, the poor multitasking ability of a fake iPhone can also reveal the secret. The original iPhone runs smoothly even if multiple applications are opened. Read on to know some physical and system indicators that differentiate between a fake and genuine iPhone.

1.Buttons & Screws

The original iPhone uses pen-ta lobe security screw which has five lobes. On the other hand the fake one uses normal cross screws. In original iPhone, the sleep/wake button is on the top right corner and volume controllers are on the top left corner. If you do not find these buttons at these spots,then your iPhone is not original. Some fake iPhones have buttons at same locations but you can feel the difference by running finger on these buttons. Fake iPhones have poor quality buttons which are usually loose and improperly fitted.

2.Apple Logo

The original iPhone will definitely has Apple logo and the fake one will not. However, some fake iPhones also have Apple logo at their back. You can feel the difference by rubbing your finger over logo. The fake iPhone cover show transition from phone cover to Apple logo. The original iPhone also bear a label that says that this phone s designed by Apple California and assembled in China. The fake iPhone will not have this label.

3.Welcome Screen

Turn off the phone and then turn on. A fake iPhone will have a welcome screen, whereas, the original iPhone will have Apple Logo at the start.

4.Apps & Icons         

On the home screen of an iPhone, the App Store icon will appear. If this icon takes you to Google store, your phone is obviously fake.Moreover, the fake iPhone does not support the Siri application and iTunes. Many built-in iPhone applications may also be missing on fake iPhone. Restore the phone to the original firmware, if it is jailbroken. If some built-in apps are still missing even after iOS jailbreak, you are having a fake iPhone.


The genuine iPhone uses retina display that makes the screen look clearer and livelier. Fake iPhones have dull screen colors making the display unclear and pixelated.

6.Check Serial Number

Go to phone Settings, choose General and then About. The next open up screen will show you the serial number of the phone. You may also know the serial number of an iPhone by dialing *#06#on your dialer. Once you know the serial number or IMEI number of your iPhone,go to Apple website and enter the serial number of your iPhone to check if it is real or fake. If the website says that the code is invalid, your phone is a fake.

Some Other Tips  

The seller of a fake iPhone will not give you warranty to a certified iPhone service center. So, if they did not provide you such warranty, you are dealing for a clone iPhone. Another indicator may be the price. The fake Apple smartphones are often sold at a price far cheaper than the price of an original iPhone. So,think before buying an iPhone if it is available at too low price. You can also take the phone to iPhone store, if it passes all tests mentioned above but you are still doubtful. The technicians at iPhone store will check your iPhone and verify its authenticity





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