10 Reasons to Carry out text message survey

Summary: Read on to know how customer survey can help deal with any issues lurking in your organization and how to ensure customer satisfaction.  

Read on to know how customer survey can help deal with any issues lurking in your organization and how to ensure customer satisfaction.  

Competition in business gets increasingly stiff. Every brand is trying to get more customers,acquire their loyalty and make more sales. It can be hard to know how to gain an edge over them, but the very customers you are struggling to retain can offer you some very helpful insight.

Carrying out a customer survey can let you know what you might be doing wrong, which expectations you are not meeting and much more. It is really not that hard to carry out a survey, even a text message survey has the potential to lead your business in the right direction. Here are some reasons why you should seek more information from your customers.

You can Gauge Loyalty

Most top global brands have undivided loyalty from their customers — they have done this by getting to know exactly what the customer wants and providing it. If you measure your customer’s loyalty, you can take steps to improve. You can find that by asking the simple question “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you tore commend our product/ service to a friend?” A rate below 7 or 8 can be a source of information to help you improve.

Helps You Understand Which Marketing Channel is Most Effective

When you put money into marketing, you need to know if you are getting value from it. A survey can help you know what the source of your customers is. Is it billboards, social media, paid ads online or recommendations? Getting to know this information will help you come up with effective marketing strategies and campaigns to target more customers.

Understand Customer Preference 

There are certain habits of buyers that can tell you about their preferences. A survey to find out where your customers buy products from most will reveal to you their buying preference. You can have a list for them to choose which includes: 

– Supermarket 

– Online shop 

– Over the phone 

– Social Media 

Compare also how they purchase competitor’s products, you can find out if your competitor is making it easier for the customer to purchase their products and you probably will need to improve the customer experience.

Find out Why They Never Compliment a Transaction 

It is not uncommon for a prospect to terminate a transaction midway. Sometimes they may go as far as putting something in their cart but later just leave it there. Find out why they made that decision and if there is something you could do to make them return and complete the sale.

Know What They Value 

In order to please and satisfy your customer, you need to understand what they value. Most big companies spend a lot of time, effort, and money on market research. This is done to get a better understanding of the customer and in turn, develop a product or service which addresses those values and needs.

Get the Customers View of the Product

It is always important to get feedback about your product. You should find out if it is actually satisfying the need you set out to meet. This feedback will help in making improvements, adjustments or even coming up with new products or services that the customer may demand.

Evaluate Customer Experience

Customer experience is very important. You may imagine that the customer is satisfied with a product or service yet they are wishing for something different. Ask the customer to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 10 and then find out why some people are rating it lower, also find out why others rate it higher. You should always aim for a customer experience of 9 and above.

Improve Email Marketing Campaigns 

Surveys help you to better understand the customer. If you understand the customer, then you are able to put them in specific categories and eventually the content you will provide each category will be suited for them since it will be based on what you already know about them. You will see better results from your campaign.

Identify Brand Ambassadors 

People who think highly of your product in surveys are a big resource. You can use them to spread the word about your company and they can result in referrals. 

Improve Your Communication with Customers

Messages that you design for your customers will be more appropriate since you will know them better. This will create a better relationship and consider text message survey as it works wonders.






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