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The Hills Have Eyes – Fact or Fiction

Probably all of you have heard of the movie “The Hills Have Eyes”. But, if you haven’t, we will take the time to bring you up to speed. The movie is basically based on the story of a family travelling somewhere when their car breaks down. This turns out to be the perfect opportunity for a family of mutants living in the shadows, if we need to be a bit dramatic. The mutants are shown to be looking for food and for that purpose; they turn to the stranded family. They stalk the family for a long time. Long story short, they make the family lose it, and badly. The story is a classic 1977 horror movie, but that is not why we are here. There’s no reason for us to write down the whole plot of the movie, Wikipedia does that for us, what we’re here to do is break up the double meaning behind the title of the movie and the topic under discussion is the internet.

From the outside, the internet is a safe place. A safe place to tell your stories, express your thought and do a bunch of other stuff. We think no one can see us, what we do, what we post, or what we even think about doing is all within our friends and family. But, the truth is The Hills do indeed Have Eyes.

What Does This Mean?

The parents these days don’t really care what their children do online and even the children don’t care what they do on the internet. They post their hobbies, things they do every day, what they ate for breakfast, what people they met, what they’re doing after school and when they sleep. It’s almost like clockwork. But, when the kids think no one is watching, they’re absolutely wrong.

There’s at least one creep in your friends list that’s probably writing all your routines, your hobbies and your schedule in their notebook. This exercise could be the result of an obsession but how long do you think that would continue till the other person decides to step over the line. What if they decide to drop in on one of your dance classes in school? What if they decide to visit you in the diner where you’re having lunch? What if they decide to follow you on your way back? What if they decide to approach you and do something that’s a bit more explicit than talking? All of these are pretty alarming things. The truth is that the internet is full of cyber stalkers. There’s a slim chance that a person stalking you on your Instagram is someone that you know in your personal life, but most of the time, it is a stranger – and what if the stranger decides one day that he also wants to be in your personal life? Sounds bad, right?

What Threat Does This Pose?

Murder, Kidnapping, Rape, and Torture – And not precisely in that order. The cyber stalkers are only limited by the extent of their imagination. Other than that, they can do everything humanly possible. If a parent is reading this, they’re probably scared as heck. Telling your children to stop using Social Media Applications is a dumb idea. At least, now you know that they use Facebook, but if you tell them not to, they still would do so, you just wouldn’t know about it. The truth is that the only way you can solve this problem are Parental Monitoring Applications.

What are Parental Monitoring Apps?

Parent Monitoring Apps – or Spy apps are applications that are available only for the purpose of spying on your spouse, children, or an employee or anyone else you care about. There are hundreds of spy applications available in the market like TheOneSpy. Spy application come equipped with a bunch of features that are made specially to suit all your monitoring needs. These applications can also monitor all of the Social Media Application installed on the target device. It keeps a keen eye and record everything the target device posts, every post they like, every post they share, and even keeps track of all the names of the people who have access to those posts. It can record all the messages that are sent and received to or from the target device along with the time stamps. Hence, making sure that your child never falls into a trap by anyone who poses any danger to their well-being as well as allows you to step in if something does indeed go wrong.

The Bottom Line

The Hills Have Eyes was a work of fiction, based on the real life story of Sawney Bean and his entire family, which used to kidnap travellers and feed on their flesh, until the day that they were discovered and executed. We are not saying that something like this might happen to your child, but seeing the time and the age that we live in, it is not that much of a distinct possibility either.

Thus, be smart. Keep your family safe and turn to cell phone spy apps to help you with the task.

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