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TheOneSpy review- Best Parental Control and Employee Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy review

The bombardment of technology over the last few years in the contemporary world has the immense impact on mankind. The technological creatures such as Android smartphones, tablets and Pads have been integrated with the people’s DNA.  Therefore, everyone is fully dependent on the modern tech gadgets. Youngsters are using Android cell phones willingly no time ever before, as for as business enterprises are concerned employees have to use company’s owned Android devices. However, modern technology has brought us numerous facilities, but at the same time creating dozens of problems.

Parents are very concerned about their kids’ activities on tech-devices all day long and employers are very insecure when their employees use the Android devices for the sake of entertainment rather than focusing on their assigned work. Young teenagers sometimes got terrible issues such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking and got trapped by pedophiliac and even identity theft cases have reportedly occurred. Employers are facing nightmares in the shape of data breaching issues and employees don’t bother about the productivity of the business organization. All these issues actually revolutionize the world of best android parental control and employees tracking software.  TheOneSpy cell phone spy application is one of them which an ultimate tool for parenting as well as to scrutinize the activities of the employees and to prevent cyber-attacks.


Best Android Mobile Parental Monitoring Software:

TOS Android parental control and spy app have developed for parents who want to safeguard their kids and teens from online dangers. It is very handy for employers who want to make a check on employee’s activities within particular work times. When we discuss quality, quantity, and accuracy no other parental control and surveillance software could be considered as effective as TheOneSpy.  Over the years it has stunned its competitors and is spreading smile among the users having outstanding and breathtaking features. The best thing about the Android parental control software has the reasonable price because it believes in serving humanity rather just making money.

The world powerful monitoring and parental control software for Android have more than 250 features. It offers occasionally back to back offers for their users and as well as to their non-users.  There are following groundbreaking features of best parenting and tracking app for cell phones.

The Spy app Pioneering Features:

Android parental control and monitoring software have the greatest parenting and spying features. It assures the users and non-users quality and quantity. It teaches parents that how they can do better parenting and guide employers that how they should examine their employees work within the working hours within the premises or outside the premises of a company.

Create a Bug and Record, Listen to the Surroundings:

If parents are unaware of the child activities when away from the home and employers have some kind reservations on their employees within the business organizations. They can use Bug their phone to listen and record the surrounding sounds through MIC bug of the parenting and employee  monitoring app. It also allows the user to make short videos with the help of TheOneSpy app.

Parents who think that kids are obsessed with the instant messengers and those employers who fed up with those employees waste their time on social messaging applications. They can use IM’s social media of the Android parenting and monitoring software. It will allow users to view IMs logs, of Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Instagram and much other alike. They can even view IMs chats, VoIP calls, and media files.

View applied Keystrokes on the device:

Young kids and teens mostly secure their Android cell phones with keys, and employees sometimes use weak passwords which can breach easily through cyber-attacks. They can use keylogger of the parental control and employees tracking app. They can view password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Track the GPS location:

Parents can track the location of their kids and teen’s in-case of an emergency and employers can know the exact situation of their supplies. They just need to install the TheOneSpy software on their target Android devices. Then they can track the GPS location at any time. Through GPS location tracker, they can use current GPS location, location history, weekly location history and they can mark the safe and restricted areas.

View Incoming and outgoing Emails:

The user can read all the emails and also can read emails of Gmail through reading emails of the Android kids and employee spy software.

Get rapid Screen Shots:

Parents can get abrupt screenshots of their kids and teens devices to know what exactly they are doing. Employers can view the status of their employees work within no time because an employer is the one who is looking for plenty of people single-handedly. They just need to use the view multimedia files; they will be able to get screenshots, view photos, and videos.

View all Browsing History:

The user can view internet activities such what sort of websites target user is using and as well as all bookmarked websites with the help of best android parental control and employee spy app.

Track target Android Phone Activities:

TOS software for parenting and employee monitoring allow users to spy on the phone book, calendar events, view all appointments table by using the view phone activities.

Get Rapid Alerts:

Parents can get rapid alerts if their kids and teens make their mind and change the SIM card of their Android device. They will get the instant alert notification with the help of mobile monitoring software.

Control the Android Device Remotely:

Parents can control the Android device remotely when they see something is running inappropriate on their kid’s device. Employers are also being able to control their company’s devices when something is happening wrong within the company’s data within the devices. They can view installed apps, they can set preferences on their own, pause or start the app, block SMS, Block incoming calls remotely through parenting and employee monitoring software.


TheOneSpy is fully compatible with all kinds of Android devices OS version 7.1 and Mac, Windows Computer and Laptops


Parents can protect their children from all cyberspace evils and employers can improve the productivity of the business by examining their employee’s work. TheOneSpy Android parental control and monitoring software would be the ultimate and reliable tool for users.

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TheOneSpy Software Review
TheOneSpy cell phone parental control and employee monitoring software review. A complete solution to your digital parenting needs. Just install and know all the activities done on your employee's cell phone and computer remotely.
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