TheOneSpy review- Best spy app for your kids and employees

Technology over the years has introduced plenty of new inventions. However, digital devices like cell phones, tablets, and PCs have no comparison. The world has become dependent on contemporary mobile devices and computing laptops and desktop connected to the internet. Not only have businesses worldwide, but young children also had their own devices. Therefore, digitally transformation of business and the youth which has opened their eyes under the influence of the technology are facing cyber challenges.

Form small firms to large companies are facing a lack of productivity, stealing of business data, and online attacks on the companies devices in working hours. On the other hand, children who used to remain online or obsessed with social media have become vulnerable to online predators and inappropriate activities. So, business safety is the priority of employers these days. On the other hand, parents want to spy on kids’ online activities using digital devices. Therefore, experts have recommended the spy app for kids and employees to keep an eye on their activities respectively. . Today we are going for TheOneSpy review on the basis of Features, compatibility, products and prices.

It is a kind of solution or you can application that you can use on the target device and get access to the web portal and use its features to spy on data of target device and upload the data. TheOneSpy app is packed with several surveillance products that enable you to set parental control and let you track employee’s business devices like phones, and tablets running with android OS.

Moreover, it is pack with the PCs and computer devices running with the windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices. For having each product, a subscription is necessary and then you can follow the installation process. The application is user –friendly and easy to install on target devices. Every feature of its all products provides you instant and accurate results. TheOneSpy review will guide you further how  to spy on kids and employees.

Monitor your kids and Employees with best spying software

Cell phone spy app

TheOneSpy review describe about the application that you can use only on phones and tablets. Users can use their features via online web portals such as screen recording, call recorder, screenshots, keylogger, internet history, and social media tracking and read messages. Furthermore, users can use GPS location tracking, IM’s call recording, and remote surveillance features.


It is compatible with mobile and tablet devices running with Android OS. However, it remains hidden on the target device and remains undetectable on the OS version 10 and so on. Compatibility is starts from 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.1, up to 10 and above.


  • TheOneSpy is offering reasonable prices, TOS XLite Edition Monthly ($25/month) TOS Premium Edition ($50/months.
  • TOS XLite Edition (Quarterly) ($15/month) TOS Premium Edition ($28/month)
  • TOS XLite Edition (Yearly) ($6/Month) TOS Premium Edition ($12.5/month)

Exclusive Features:

  • VoIP/IM’s call recording without root
  • Get back all the WhatsApp deleted messages
  • Track social media apps on non-rooted phones
  • Watch logs on free mobile viewer application
  • Uninstall application remotely

TheOneSpy Computer surveillance software review:

It is based on further two separate applications one is for windows laptop and desktops and the second one is for mac laptop and desktop computer devices. Let’s discuss these features in the following. In TheOneSpy review we will discuss how about the tracking app for windows and mac  devices.

TheOneSpy Windows spying app review

You can use it on all kinds of PCs laptops and desktop devices. Users can use its features in terms of block websites, view installed applications, windows GPS location, computer camera snaps, windows browsing history, and keylogger. Other than that, users can use activity logs, on-demand screenshots, surround recording, and many more.


Windows monitoring software is compatible with the laptop and desktop window OS devices. You can use it on kinds of the latest PCs and upload the information to its dashboard.


windows surveillance app is offering prices within your ranges such as $40 month, $60 for 03 months, and $80 for 6 months. However, you can avail of the discount mentioned on the price page.

Review of TheOneSpy mac spy software 

Users can use this tracking app on computer devices. Users can use its features such as camera bug, MIC Bug, keystrokes logging, screen recording, screenshots, block websites, and sync settings. It works secretly on the target device and lets you know all the activities happen on the target device.


Mac tracking app is compatible with the laptop and desktop devices running with MAC OS devices.


User can avail Mac premier package $40, $60 & $80 for 1 month, 3 months and 6 Months respectively.

How to install TheOneSpy on target devices?

No matter you are parents or business professionals and you wanted to spy on kids’ and employee’s activities, then you need to visit the spying software available on the TOS web page. Once you are on the page and then subscribe to the desired application for phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices.

You will get the credentials of your desired monitoring app. Now check your email account and get the credentials. Get physical access, on the target device of your child or employee and start the installation process.

Once you have done with the process of installation successfully, and then activate it on the target device. Now you can use the credentials that you have got via email and get access to the web portal. Now you can get the features of your desired product and you can use it to spy on employees or children. TheOneSpy review enable user to get step by step guide how to install it on the target device

How to use mobile spying app features

Once you have installed it on the target device, then use the web portal and activate the features. It will upload the information of the target cell phone device to the dashboard.

How to use mac monitoring app features

After ending up with installation you can use the dashboard and activate all the features of MAC spy software. You will start receiving the information about the target device activities in the TOS control panel.

How to use windows surveillance software Features

Users can activate all the features of the windows spying app and get activities that happened on the target PC using its online dashboard.


In TheOneSpy review we have discussed how it is the best tool in the business these days that enable you to get spy apps for cellphones and computers. Users can use it to keep an eye on employee’s activities in working hours and parents can use it for digital parenting.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
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