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Tips And Tricks For Mini Militia To Win Every Match

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is one of the popular online multiplayer game. You have to fight with your friends to gain glory. It is very popular game because of it’s unique concept and amazing graphics. To win every game and battle with them like an expert, you need to must know some tips and tricks for Mini Militia. Follow them if you are failing in the battles.

Tips And Tricks For Mini Militia


  1. Get Pro Pack

Get Pro pack if you want to get additional features which will help you to win every battle. It helps you to unlock powerful weapons which are not available for free version. You can use a double-handed gun. Most of the players use pro pack and always they get the benefit of extra features. That will decrease your chance to kill them and win the match. So, Pro pack is necessary.

  1. Avoid Hackers

These days mini militia is full of mod users. As there are a lot of mini militia mods available on the web i.e Mini Militia Wall Hack, Mini Militia God Mod, Mini Militia Mega Mod, Mini Militia Pro Pack etc. Most likely they will not match with you in quick play. But in the custom game, they may play with you. You can’t win against them without hacking. Hacking is not a good choice. It will reduce the fun of playing mini-militia. So the best choice is to avoid the hackers don’t play with them.

  1. Play With Maximum Player

Try to play with maximum players. The more players, the more you can kill. The more you kill, the more you will get more points. Those Points will help you to increase your ranking and skill points. It also Gives you Battle point which you can use to buy some items in the store.

  1. Master The Weapons

This game much depends on your mastery of using weapons. here are some tips and tricks for using weapons –

  • Always use better weapons that you are comfortable with. There are a lot of amazing weapons like shotgun, sniper, double gun, grenades, AK47 etc. Always try to use the one which you are comfortable with. Sometimes some guns are better in a specific map.
  • Try to Increase your accuracy by playing more and buy accuracy increase boost from the store.
  • Don’t wait for your gun to auto reload. Reload your gun whenever you can.
  • Change the gun when before it’s out of ammo.

Battle Tips and Tricks

  • Attack opponents before they attack you.
  • Hide in the bush and attack from there on your enemy.
  • Crouch when battling and if there is grenade near you. It will reduce your hp damage.
  • When you have got a shield, use it. That’s is much effective than any better gun.
  • Don’t waste your bombs. Use them by aiming correctly.

Game play Tips

  • Change background to increase game experience.
  • If you don’t feel bored, Play in a specific map always. It will help you to know everything about the map.

Final Words

Finally, you have a quick idea to win every match in mini militia God Mod battlefield. Try these methods while playing the game and see the result. And the main thing is you have to develop your own ways/strategies to win i.e your best weapon combination and map. So, try these methods and develop your own and play Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia  game like a pro player.

If you have any question or suggestion for us then feel free to ask in the comments section. And if you have any unique strategy for the mini militia, then share it with us. So, we can add that too in our list. Stay tuned with us for more.

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