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Top 5 benefits of using Codeigniter in Web Development

There is an increasing demand for Codeigniter in the market and has become one the most preferred choice for the PHP developers. Codeigniter is known for its high dynamic features like reliability, clear architecture and smooth functioning. PHP developers are using Codeigniter to create robust and dynamic apps which are highly secure. Hence, no wonder why it has become the first choice of most PHP developers.

The web applications which are built using Codeigniter framework are very easy to work and effectively. A combination which every developers loves to get, moreover, the software being an open source adds cherry on the cake. These were the few general features and advantages of using Codeigniter framework. However, there are lot many other advantages of using Codeigniter which are highly imperative to know by every Web Development Company in India.

Let’s see some of the other advantages of using Codeigniter.

Supports MVC architecture

MVC is a very popular term and known as Model-View-Controller. Codeigniter supports this upgraded system and creates application via using controllers as well as views. It makes the task easier for the developer to build robust libraries for the app.

Hassle free interfaces

Creating a user friendly app is an important task for every developer. It’s important that your app should have a hassle free interface. Such an interface helps you in locating PHP errors and any other errors in the application adequately.

Effective framework

The software is known for its highly effective framework system. Codeigniter generates codes which are completely in sync with the HTML form. The framework has a high grade of inbuilt security. It helps you to reduce, the time usually taken in the coding process. It’s mandatory to every time code while working in core PHP.  This gets extensively problematic as it increases the chance of a weaken security system.


The codeigniter files can be easily edited. This helps the developer, to quickly change and create things according to the requirements of the application. The configuration settings of the app are extensively simple and created so that even a beginner can easily operate. Moreover, the software gives immense scope for the customization. Any developer who is slightly new in the field can even use it easily without getting confused and create a customized web application.

Let’s wrap it up quickly

There’s no doubt that Codeigniter is one of the best platform to develop for a PHP framework. It’s an open source and also imbibes some of the immensely best debugging features. With Codeigniter you can easily locate any bugs as the software quickly show signs of errors. Hence, you can fix up all the bugs which have occurred during the development process. Moreover, it’s always better to fix any such errors in the formation stage only rather than the other way round. The app is very popular among the developers as it renders a highly interactive interface and builds a robust app quickly. Some of its other features are data encryption, pagination and full page caching.

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