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Top Seven Effective Tips to Increase Apps Download 2018

Increase mobile Apps Download

After you have built and published your app, it’s time you start telling people to discover your app and download it. The prior step after giving birth to a great app is to start practicing your app promotion to increase the discoverability and entice people to install your app. Regardless of the platform, you choose to publish your app the important thing is to make your app go viral by marketing it online. Mobile app developers are aware of the cutthroat competition in the App Store. Thousands of app get published every day, therefore, it’s important for all mobile  apps developers to know how to market their app effectively to increase the installed apps.

In this guide, we will discuss the important elements and tips that can help increase your apps download in 2018

App Title

app title

The first thing that an app user looks at is the app title. The name you choose for an app identifies the characteristic of the app, therefore, it should be compelling and appealing enough to interest the users to get to know more about your app. Make sure the app doesn’t have a negative title name which can give wrong meaning or give wrong impression to the users. So choose it wisely and ensure not to overstuff keywords which can result in your app getting rejected from the App Store.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

The mobile app developers know that Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites. The social media platforms have great potential to grab user’s attention and post information about your apps to the audience know more about your app. With the clever use of Facebook Ad campaigns, mobile app developers can effectively engage the users and prompt them to download the app. Before Facebook marketing, you need to find your target market and draw the attention of the users who are willing to learn more about your app. Remember just posting information and promotional messages won’t be enough you need to converse with the audience, reply to their comments to build their trust and relationship.

App reviews and ratings

App review and rating

App reviews and rating make a great impact on the app image. Apps that have good rating get more installs than apps that don’t. An app developer must ask for app reviews and rating from the users or he can invite his friends and family to post positive reviews about the app. Positive reviews make the other users decide easily to download the app and experience it. Make sure to add an appealing app description and title to convince users to download your app.

Value the users

In order to increase your app downloads, you first need to take a look at your target market. It’s important to analyze your app users which will let you know what the users expect from your app. At the same time, it’s important to value mobile app users and take their feedback into consideration to bring improvements and changes. This will encourage them and let me feel that their opinion is valued by the developers. This will satisfy their needs and they will encourage their friends and family to install your app.

Select keywords wisely

App developers must select keywords wisely depending upon their niche. The keywords you select should be competitive that can drive higher traffic and installs of the app. If your app is getting a considerable amount of app downloads and if you wish to increase it more then you should start using high ranking keywords in the title and description. App keywords bring a great impact on the apps download so choose wisely.

Optimize your app

Don’t forget to optimize your app. If your app has low download rate then your app is need of optimization. App Store optimization is a guaranteed way to boost your app downloads by driving more visitors and increasing conversion rate. It’s essential for app developers whether of Apple or Google Platform to pay attention to optimizing their app and focus on certain keywords that are most searched by the users to drive traffic. In addition, focus on promoting your app on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to increase the app user base. This method can effectively help you gain more installs.

Content marketing

content marketing

With regards to app promotion, you can never forget content marketing. Content marketing approach can be used to write blog posts and essays about your app to get more app downloads. You can write blogs about your app and post on social media forums like Quora and add your app link to get visitors coming to your app. in addition, you can post your content on guest post sites so you can gain organic traffic from those sites.

In conclusion

These are the top effective tips an app developer must keep in mind to increase the apps download. No matter whatever the niche of your app is, these tips will be your guide and will definitely gain your app more installs. A useful tip is to invest in your time and effort and never stop doing ASO even when your app gets the desired result.

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