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Top 10 WhatsApp spy apps in 2020

WhatsApp is a social networking app that has made its way to the next level. You can see the instant messaging app on everyone’s cell phone device you name it. The immensely famous and appealing social messaging app has become the hallmark of the instant messengers over the last few years. If I am not wrong, from the US president to a layman of the third world country is using WhatsApp. People these days are looking forward to getting their hands on the WhatsApp spy app to monitor the activities of the target person for a variety of reasons. Some people use it for parenting, spying on employees, and many individuals for dozens of surveillance activities.

Best Mobile Phone Spy Apps for Whatsapp

 Today I am going to review the top 10 WhatsApp spying apps in 2020 that enable you to get access to the target cell phone device installed instant messenger, and you can get the logs with a time stamp. Following are the application that empowers you to get the job done.

TheOneSpy App to Monitor WhatsApp IM

It is one of the best non-rooted spy apps for WhatsApp that empowers you to monitor and read chat, voice calls, and sharing of multimedia. You can use the particular application on the cell phone device and get to know what is happening on the social networks running on the target device. The application does not require the rooting of the target mobile and enables you to record and listen to the one-sided calls and save the data on the dashboard. It is best for setting parental control on kid’s devices and arguably a trustworthy app to unveil the employee’s verbal and non-verbal communication on the WhatsApp. It is compatible with Android OS 10 and above devices and on iOS devices.

Hoverwatch for WhatsApp Monitoring

Hoverwatch is pack with the best WhatsApp spy app feature that works secretly on the target device and spy on all the social networks and let to get messages, voice and video calls, and get access to all the chat messages sent/received. You can install it on someone’s phone, and you can spy every activity target device user has performed on the device and active social messaging apps to the fullest. People are using its WhatsApp spy software for parental on kid’s digital phones to protect their privacy and prevent inappropriate activities.

MSpy App for WhatsApp Messenger

It is the most trustworthy and worthy buying spying app for WhatsApp that enables you to capture every activity target user has performed on the target device installed social messaging app. You can spy on WhatsApp activities with Mspy parental control software, and you can monitor calls, read messages, view multimedia. However, the application does require rooting or jailbreak the device to get the job done. Its features can easily surpass all of your expectations, and you can see your kid’s social media activities with little effort.

FlexiSpy for WhatsApp Surviellance

You can spy on WhatsApp messages, group chats, see the profiles picture, multimedia, and you can see the monitored information via its online dashboard. The spy software is the best tool for online parenting, employee monitoring, and for many individual surveillance activities on the cell phone and tablet devices. You can further retrieve the deleted WhatsApp messages on the target phone via its online dashboard.

 SpyEra for WhatsApp Tracking

It is the best monitoring software for mobile and tablet devices, and you can use its WhatsApp monitoring tool to read chat, group chat, view profile pictures, media shared, and upload the information on the dashboard. You may need it to do surveillance on WhatsApp messages of kids and your employees during working hours on business-owned devices. It is an invisible tool that you can use on mobile phones, and you can get complete details of social media accounts running on the target device.

Highster-Mobile to Spy on WhatsApp Chat

The popularity of social networking apps has put the kid’s security at stake. In such a situation highster mobile is the best option for parents. They can use its WhatsApp spy app program to know what kids and teens are doing on the instant messaging apps running on their cell phone devices. Parents can keep digging into the chats, messages, audio-video calls, voice messages and they can see the media shared with the strangers. Apart from it, you can spy on other instant messengers to see the kids’ activities to make sure their online safety to the fullest.

 OgyMogy for WhatsApp Spying

It is the best WhatsApp spying software because it has multiple features that enable the user to spy on the social messaging app. You can use its features like WhatsApp screen recording, keystrokes, screenshots, and social media messenger spy software that empowers you to get the logs of the messenger. You can read the messages, chat, record voice calls, and every possible activity on the target device. Therefore, the state of the art features has ranked its top 10 WhatsApp spying apps in 2020.

Mobistealth to Spy on WhatsApp

It is an application that claims and enables you to take care of your loved ones without pushing them away by using its parental control features. Users can use its one of the best features that are known as the WhatsApp spying software. It can discover and unveil all the activities performed on the instant messaging app running on the target cell phone device of your child. You need to root the target device, and then you can read the WhatsApp messages, chat conversations, group conversation, and voice and video calls. You can spy on the WhatsApp messenger to the fullest and get to know about the inappropriate activities of kids.

Spyic for WhatsApp

It is the most trustworthy spy application that you can use on someone’s phone to monitor and track every activity performed. It has a Whatsapp spying feature that makes you capable enough to do surveillance on social messaging app chat, voice chat, audio voice chat, video voice chat logs, and multimedia shared on the messenger with a complete time stamp. You can use it to see the activities of the children on the cell phone and the installed social applications to the fullest.

CoCoSpy WhatsApp Spy App

You want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp for parental monitoring or to keep an eye on your employee’s activities in working hours on business devices installed on social networks. You can read private group messages, photos, videos, voice, and video calls on non-rooted android and non-jailbreak iOS devices. If you need to get access to social apps and you can use WhatsApp spying software to get the job done. Therefore, keep looking into the target social media activities and stay updated about activities of your desire.


In this post, we have discussed the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps in 2020 and ranked them in order. You can use the applications following the order and get to know how much these applications are capable of to set parental control on kids or to save your business to the next level.

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