Users’ Choice Apps to Track Phone Location

There may be times when you need to find where a phone is or want to track the location of cell phone users. With these trusted apps, you can track Android and iOs users with ease. Aside from geo-tracking options, these apps provide many other tools to monitor cell phone use. Here, we look at the leading apps and provide details on the features, compatibility, user feedback, and more.

Top Best Mobile Tracking Apps to Track Phone location

uMobix Track Phone location

uMobix is a trusted app used for parental monitoring and allows you to be informed of all actions on a cell phone. You can easily track phone locations and see all activities. When you choose uMobix, there are great features included in the pricing plan. Some of the key features include:

  • Call logging
  • SMS monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • GPS location tracker
  • Address book
  • Social media monitoring

While uMobix is a trusted and reliable app, there are pros and cons. Take a look at these before you decide on using this app for tracking the location of cell phone users.

This app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices and features a dashboard for easy monitoring. Android devices must have a minimum of Android 4.0 installed, and iOS devices require iOS 8+. If you have questions about installing the app or using features, the customer support team is available through email and phone.

Many users have enjoyed all features included with this app, and it is best used by parents who want to monitor cell phone usage and track the location of their kids. UMobix offers a single-month plan as well as options for 3 months and 12 months.

Affordable pricingNo geo-fencing
Rooting and jailbreaking are not requiredSome features only offered for iOS
UndetectableiCloud credentials required for iOS
Full control over Facebook and Instagram on iOS 
Audio and video streaming 
Easy to use 

GEOfinder Track Phone number Location

GEOfinder is a top-rated app that can help you track a phone in a matter of minutes. When you visit the site, you will see a box where a phone number can be entered. Provide the number and click on Find to track phone location. By sending an SMS message to a target device, you can get the user’s exact location. GEOfinder is a fast and simple way to get the location of cell phone users. 

As for compatibility, this app can be used on Android and iOS devices. Any phone model can be tracked, and all mobile networks are compatible. With GEOfinder, there is no need to install any apps. The software tracks cell phones all over the world, and there is no need to have physical access to any target device.

GEOfinder offers a free trial and a monthly subscription for $31.99. If you have questions about the service or the pricing plans, customer support is available through email. This simple tracking app is best for those that need to get an immediate location of any phone. It is easy to use and has positive user feedback. With no download needed, a simple number search option, and instant results, GEOfinder is a great option if you are looking for how to track someone’s location.

Get accurate phone locationIt is a little bit expensive
Easy to useYou can send a message within 3 hours
Sync device locationOne price Plan for a single feature

Flexispy GPS Location Tracking

If you need to track phone location and want added features, be sure to check out what Flexispy

Offers. This easy-to-use app provides a long list of features, including SMS monitoring, remote control of a phone, GPS location tracking, call logging, email scanner, social media monitoring, and much more. 

As with all monitoring apps, there are pros and cons to choosing Flexispy. This app is easy to use and can offer updated information, but you should be aware of possible drawbacks before installing it.

Flexispy can be used on iOS and Android devices. It is easy to install on any Android, but with iOS, it can be a bit more difficult. You will need the iCloud credentials of the user. If the user turns off their iCloud backups, you will not be able to use Flexispy to track phone location.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day via live chat and email. Current users are satisfied with the services offered, and most have provided positive feedback on certain features such as remote control access. Flexispy is best used for parental control and monitoring. It is also useful for those that want to get the location of cell phone devices of spouses or partners. 

Many basic and advanced featuresNo free trial
Compatible with modern OS versionsHigh battery consumption
Low annual subscription 
Stealth mode 
Whatsapp spy 
Keylogger monitoring 

Spyera Tracking System of Phone Location

With a subscription to Spyera, users will have an easy and safe way to monitor the activities of any phone. The service has key features, including reading messages, access to call logs, access to media files, browser history, location tracking, calendar access, contacts, and SIM card information. 

As you can see from the pros and cons provided below, Spyera is a top choice for many and has very few drawbacks. Anyone that needs a reliable app to track phone location will benefit from installing Spyera.

Spyera wants all users to have a positive experience and they offer email and live chat customer support. You can expect a response within 24 hours. 

Users have enjoyed the simple features of this app and found it easy to install. With no jailbreak or rooting needed, it can be installed on a target device quickly. Users also report that the app is 100% undetectable and offers up-to-date information. Spyera has been the chosen app for parents and is also a great option for employers who need to monitor the location of employees.

Powerful app with many featuresNo free trial is available
Can track jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones 
24-hour customer assistance 
Easy to install 
Stealth mode  

MSpy Monitor location GPS Tracker

An instant monitoring app Mspy provides the user with constant access to the location of a phone as well as all activities performed. This app comes with an amazing set of features that can be used by anyone looking to catch their spouse cheating. The key features available include:

  • Website, Wi-Fi, and device blocking
  • Keylogger
  • Browser history
  • Contact list
  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Photo and video spy
  • SIM card replacement alert
  • Monitor dating apps and sites
  • Access deleted contacts, calls, and messages

Mspy is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Any Android device must be running Android 4.0 or better. There is no requirement for iPhone, and the app will work on every iOS device. 

The customer support team can be reached through an email form and you can expect a response within 24 hours. The site also provides a FAQ section that contains useful information for new users.

Mspy has great user feedback and continues to be a top choice for those trying to catch a cheating spouse. The app provides constant monitoring, location services, and a simple dashboard that makes it easy for users to get the information they need. 

Real-time trackingIt is quite expensive
Screenshot reportingMust root or jailbreak
Access deleted data 
Easy automatic setup 
Not detectable 

TheOneSpy Best location Tracker App

TheOneSpy is a top-leaded phone location tracker app with other rich, loaded features. With TOS, you can find 100% accurate monitoring results. It is your best option if you want to see your child’s and employees’ live location. TheOneSpy can scan messages and SMS; emails also have the potential to find the place of anyone you targeted. Even you can spy every moment of someone by GPS location tracker. Additionally, TOS can also help you protect your kids from harmful content and apps by remote blocking. Here, offer some dynamic features for users.


Location tracker history

Tracking without GPS

Real-time location tracking

In order to monitor, you can track android OS with 10, 11, 12 or the latest devices or iOs 11 up to 14.1 devices. Further, its chat customer support service is available 24/7. You can send your queries and find the solutions. It has prominent app around the world that helps parents and employers. With its affordable pricing, every concerned user can purchase.

It has live call recording capabilityNot offer a free trial
It works on invisible modeNo remote installation
It does not require rooting for android 

Spyic App to Track Phone Location

Looking for an app to track phone location and get fast results? With Spyic, you can collect information from a target device after it has been installed. If you want to know how to track someone’s location, this app is the perfect option. Some of the best features included are:

  • SMS tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Web history
  • Geofence alerts
  • Keylogger
  • Media tracking
  • Social media spying

Before installing Spyic, take a minute to review these pros and cons. With many options for finding the location of cell phone users, you want to make sure that this app provides all features needed.

Spyic is compatible with Android and iOs devices and you will find that most features are the same for both operating systems. It remains undetectable when installed on a target device and provides a simple dashboard. With this, you can get all of the gathered information quickly. 

As you can see above, Spyic does not offer live chat or phone support options. You can send an email form requesting assistance. Some users have reported the support team taking more than 24 hours to respond to inquiries, so this is one of the main downfalls. Used in more than 190 countries, Spyic has a great reputation and is a preferred option for parents monitoring children and those that want to monitor a spouse or partner.

Does not require jailbreaking or rootingiOS installation required iCloud credentials
Multiple features providedRemote installation is not available for Android
Simple installationNo phone or live chat support
Runs in stealth mode 
Many subscription options 

OgyMogy Track Phone location history

OgyMogy is a globally renowned mobile location tracker app; that aims to secure your loved ones. It accesses your targeted device and tracks your phone location. Moreover, OgyMogy also finds the other cell phone activities of others without knowing the person. Before you choose, get to learn their beneficiary features, that is;

SMS monitoring

Call logs

Location tracker

Browsing history

Key logger

360 live spy

Live phone call recording

Social media monitoring

Features list make sure you monitor the phone, further the best phone location tracker app. Before going to install OgyMogy, you have to know the pros and cons of this app.

OgyMogy is the best software for parents and employers to track phone locations. This is compatible with Android OS 5.0 up to 11 and above. You can monitor and record every bit of activities of your target. Moreover, OgyMogy gives you a low price range that users can easily buy.

Easy installationRequired physical access for installation
Hidden tracker appOnly monitor for kids and employees
Separate online dashboard for every product 

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