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Uber Discloses Real-Time ID Check for Reinforcing Security of Riders

Uber ride-hailing service announced today that it has introduced a selfie powered by the real-time ID check in India for the people who using the Uber service for a ride. The newest security characteristics which use the Microsoft Cognitive Services, which help the drivers to use in common with others a selfie before going online to assist in making sure that the driver using the application which matches the account that is there on the Uber service.

What is real-time ID scanning and verification?

Therefore it is defined as the real-time ID scanning technology and the verification on the websites and mobile apps which are assisting to make less the risk and to minimize the fraud service for online transactions in the service. Net verify is layout is designed to save the time and the costs which are combined with the KYC requirements and to build the great user experiences. It grants you to verify your rider’s identities by using their web camera of their computers or else the IOS or the Android mobile phone cameras.

Once the report has been verified and authenticity of something by you and your user receive the result in less than a minute if the verified document has been agreed upon for submission. This throws out the costly and time-consuming method of the manual documentation needed for the submission and for the verification. You can seamlessly mix Jumio’s ID verification technology into the websites which are used by you; therefore the iPhone or the Android apps to prove an identity of the user which is based on the government provided IDs from nearly over 120 countries.

General information about Real-Time ID Check:

If you come from an Uber ride service in India, you now have a reason to feel secure around your operator of the Uber service.

To assist you to make sure that the operator of the Uber service who picks you up is the first and the identical person who passed the screening process of the Uber; the firm declared on its blog that it will roll out its Real-Time ID Check security characteristics to five cities in overall India.

The characteristic will responsive the Uber service driver to take a selfie at usual intervals. Uber-Company will use that pictures and the Cognitive Services of Microsoft to make sure that the correct person is farther back the wheel. If the selfie does not match the registered profile photo of the driver, Uber service will temporarily i.e. for a limited time it bans the account of the driver while it checks into thoroughly about the matter.

Uber service India Real-time ID Check:

Uber which is a fast developing cab service in India introduced a latest and improved characteristic that secure the passengers. Therefore the Real Time ID Check characteristics of the Uber service which helps the riders to improve their security during the ride-hailing. The Uber raid-hailing service will be introducing this Real Time ID check characteristics in five cities around the country which includes New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. This specification will come into result starting from today.

Therefore the Uber ride-hailing service will be using the Cognitive Services of the Microsoft for the face detection of the user or the driver. In Windows, while you sign in to your mobile device, there is a new characteristic called Windows Hello facial identification technique. In case there is a disparity in the selfie which is sent by the driver and the picture in database of the Uber, the employee of the Uber will get helps such as take off your glasses or take back a photo.

ID check raises the security for the riders:

According to this latest feature on the raid-hailing service, the Uber Application asks the person who drives the Uber car to capture a selfie on a regular basis. Therefore the selfie must match the information of the driver on the Uber raid-hailing servers. If in any case, the information data of the driver of the service on the server of Uber and it doesn’t match, right away, Uber will hold off the personal account of the driver for some more time for till the accomplishment of the investigation process in the Uber service.

Uber raid-hailing company says that it is being done to make sure that the driver’s information is continually under the check and the drivers are secured from the eve-dopes and their personal accounts are prevented from being agreed. As far as the passenger is worried, he or she will know for a reality that the Uber employee on the application pairing with the certain driver who comes to pick up the riders. Uber-Company says that there has been an incident where the riders have grumbled about that the driver which the application displayed them and the certain person driving, at times looked different in the service.

Joe Sullivan who is the chief security officer at the Uber ride service Company said that this features secures the fraud and therefore protects accounts of the drivers from being agreed. It also secures the riders by creating the various layer of responsibility into the application to make sure the correct person is following the wheel. He believes this new action will go a long path in caring our passenger and the drivers in the required city are safe and our rides safe like never before in the service.

Uber ride service Company in a statement said that, so it may occur that the responsibility for the driver may have out of mind to log out of the personal account, before giving the car to the next driver of the same service. With the Real-Time ID check, the passenger does not have to fear on that front at all in the cab, as we check a driver before the ride is scheduled.

The Uber said that this characteristic which secures the riders from unsubstantiated drivers and the cheat by making Suring drivers’ accounts are not compromised in the blog post. The firm also makes clear that the response will remind the drivers to pull over and take a selfie from their mobile phone safely if they are in driving.

This new service of the Uber ride service Company comes after the Uber India declared new rules and regulation which are destined to keep the drivers in the Uber service and the behavior of the rider in check. Uber service drivers have come under the focus attention in the recent years for unethical behavior which including one who was taken into custody for asserted misbehavior destined to insult the decency of a woman and this was done by the last week.

The Business Standard says that the specification of the service was first to get up in the US city by last month of September. Uber right demanded and it is used the characteristic to check over 99 percent of the driver partners and therefore they are assign to the source which is most mismatches to not clear profile pictures. It will also be brought into other countries which include Australia, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and so on.

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