How to Spy on Android with Undetectable Hidden Spy Apps

The spying of cell phones is finding its way into the lives of individuals. The parents look to keep a strong check on the screen activities of the kids for the purpose of their security and protection. Besides this, the business owners are having concerns over the use of the internet and other related stuff by the employees during working hours because it is badly affecting the work environment and productivity of employees.

So, there is a dire need to incorporate a strong mechanism that can track each and every bit of communication between the kid and employee over their phone, Android phone more specifically. We will be discussing the Undetectable spy apps for Android that cannot be detected once installed on the phone so that the activities of the target user may be recorded in true spirit.

Android Spy Apps: What Are They?

Android spy apps, often referred to as monitoring or tracking apps, are software applications designed to track and record activities on Android smartphones and tablets. These apps offer a range of features, including call monitoring, text message tracking, GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, and more. They are commonly used by parents, employers, and individuals concerned about the security of their devices.

How Does Spy App for Android Work?

Android spy apps work by installing a hidden application on the target device. Once installed, the app operates in the background, collecting data from various sources on the device. This data is then transmitted to a secure online dashboard, where the user can access and monitor the information remotely. It’s important to note that physical access to the target device is usually required for installation.

How to Spy on Someone’s Android with Best Undetectable Spy Apps

1. Umobix Phone Spyware for Android

Android tracker app

The app assists in protecting kids from harassment, cyberbullying, sex offending, and cyber predating. It also allows the employer to address issues related to employee productivity, workplace harassment, and cyber threats. The app has a surround recording feature that addresses workplace harassment issues. Social media monitoring protects kids from cyberbullying and harassment.

On-demand screenshots:

The screenshots of all the activities can be captured in real-time. The spy app actually clones the target phone screen to the end user’s phone.

Records app usage:

The app records the usage of all the apps with respect to the time spent while using them.

Tracks social media:

All the group and individual chats, images, and videos shared, voice notes exchanged, and VoIP and video calls can be monitored. The calls can be recorded and saved for later reference if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront.

UMobix Pricing Info
Full Pack Features1 Month$49.99Call Logs, Messages, GPS Tracking, Browsing History
Full Pack Features3 Months$89.99Social Media, Installed Apps, Keylogger
Full Pack Features12 Months$149.99Multiple Device Monitoring, Geofencing, Live Screen Viewing

2. FlexiSpy Android Spy app

Undetectable android spy app

It is a fine Undetectable Android spy app for addressing all the needs, concerns, and reservations of parents and employers. They can actively record the real-time whereabouts of their target user using FlexiSpy. The app tracks all the phone calls on Android tracks location and monitors internal storage and browsing history. The salient offerings of the app are as follows.

Internal storage tracking:

The app can spy on all the internal storage of the Android device. The contacts, appointments, calendars, images, videos, browsing history, bookmarks, and other browser functions can be monitored extensively.

Spy on phone calls:

Allows spying on all the phone calls of Android. All incoming and outgoing phone calls can be listened to in real-time. These calls can also be recorded for later monitoring.

Other features of FlexiSpy:

  • Surround recording
  • Mic Bug
  • Camera Bug
  • location tracking
Here’s a glimpse of its pricing:
Lite Plan1 Month$29.99Call Logs, Messages, GPS Tracking, App Usage
Premium Plan1 Months$79.99Social Media Monitoring, Web History, Remote Camera Access
Extreme Plan1 Months$119.99Location History, Keylogger, Call Recording

FlexiSpy’s extensive feature set makes it a popular choice for parents and employers seeking a versatile monitoring solution.

3. TheOneSpy Android Tracker

android spying app

TheOneSpy is currently the best Undetectable android spying facility available to parents and employers in all aspects. It has state-of-the-art spying features that were not furnished earlier. TheOneSpy offers VoIP and video call recording, restricting the movement of the target user through geo-fencing, records screen, and chasing passwords without any hassle. The salient features of the spy app are as follows.

Spy 360:

This feature records the surroundings of the target phone. It bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target Android device. The feature helps in coping with child protection issues and addressing workplace harassment.

VoIP call recording:

 TheOneSpy is the first to offer this. It allows the end-user to listen to all the VoIP calls in real-time. These calls can also be recorded for later reference.

Other salient features:

  • Tracking phone location
  • Geo-fencing
  • Monitoring internal storage
Look at pricing plans here:
Lite1 Month$25.99Call Logs, SMS, GPS Tracking, App Monitoring
Premium3 Months$109.99Social Media, Web History, Surround Recording
Premier12 Months$184.99Call Recording, Keylogger, Geofencing

4. MSpy Monitor Android cell phone

Undetectable android tracker

MSpy allows the spying of Android devices of employees and kids without any hassle. The app clones all the activities of the target phone to the end user’s phone. The app furnishes location tracking, and geo-fencing chases passwords of all the installed applications, and tracks all the internal storage of the target device. The key features of the spy app are as follows.

Social media monitoring:

All social media communication can be tracked using MSpy. It allows monitoring of all the chats, multimedia exchanges, voice notes, and VoIP and video calls.

Geo-fencing the movement:

The real-time movement of the target user can be restricted. The parent and employer can assign allowed and forbidden zones for a visit by the target user.

Keylogger chases password:

 This feature identifies the password of all the installed applications on the target Android device.

Other features of mSpy:

  • Internal storage monitoring
  • Movement tracking
  • Phone call recording
Here’s an overview of its pricing:

1 month Plan: $48.99
3 months Plan: $84.99
1-year plan: $139.99

mSpy’s ease of use and compatibility with both rooted and non-rooted devices make it a convenient option for users.

5. Eyezy Android monitoring app

Android monitoring app

Eyezy is one of the leading services that spy on Android devices. All that an end-user needs is to buy the desired subscription plan and install the app by following the given instructions. The end-user needs physical access to the target phone only once. The promising features include password identifiers, website blocking, and location tracking of Android devices.

Website blocking and filtering:

The spy app can block a number of websites as per requirements. The websites containing inappropriate content can be blocked for the kids to visit. In the same way, websites that are prone to cybercriminals’ presence can also be blocked for employees.

Password chaser:

This feature of the spy app identifies the password of all the installed apps by analyzing the keystrokes when the password field remains active.

Overview of Eyezy Pricing Plans
Basic1 Month$39.99Social Media Tracking, Keyword Alerts, Web History
Pro3 Months$66.99Email Tracking, App Usage, Suspicious Content Alerts
Elite12 Months$95.99Location History, Screen Time Tracking, Digital Well-being

6. Hoverwatch– Free Cell phone tracker for Android

Spy app for android

The Undetectable Android spy app provides an efficient mobile tracking facility. It can be installed on the phones of the target user by physically accessing the phone only once. The app allows to capture of screenshots, tracks the front or back camera, and monitors social media activities happening over the target Android device. The promising features of the app are discussed in the following.

Captures screenshots of the screen activities:

The app captures screenshots of the live performing screen activities at any point in time, without any hassle. This provides a fair insight into all the activities of the target phone.

Tracks camera:

 This feature bugs the front or back camera of the target phone to know the real-time surroundings of the target user.

Other features:

Detect SIM card change, Snapchat spy, WhatsApp spy, Track phone calls, Monitor to-do list, monitor browsing history, etc

Let’s explore its pricing:
  • Personal Plan: $24.95 per month
  • Professional Plan: $49.95 per month
  • Business Plan: $149.95 per month

Hoverwatch’s emphasis on capturing multimedia from the device adds an extra layer of monitoring capability.

7. OgyMogy

android spying

The app is primarily aimed at providing monitoring services to parents, but it has an employee monitoring solution as well. OgyMogy enables parents and employers to identify real-time insights into the target user. The salient features include surround recording, productive and unproductive tabs, geo-location tracking, and much more. Let’s discuss the most promising features of the app.

Screen recording:

The spy app furnishes a screen recording feature. It records all the live-performing screen activities over a certain app as assigned by the end-user.

Productive and unproductive tabs:

This feature allows assigning productive and unproductive tabs for the employee. The app thus records and tracks the time period spent while using these tabs and presents it to the employer.

Phone call recording:

All the phone calls made or received over the target Android phone can be listened to in real time. These calls can also be recorded and saved to the web portal of the app.

Other features:

  • Monitors browsing history
  • SMS Tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Internal storage monitoring
Ogymogy prices:
Basic1 Month$29.99Call Logs, Messages, App Monitoring, Website Filtering
Standard3 Months$49.99Keyword Alerts, Social Media Monitoring, Screen Time Limits
Premium12 Months$99.99Geo-fencing, Remote Control, App Blocker

8. SpyHuman

spy for android

The app furnishes a 7-day trial version. In this way, the parents and employers can comprehensively observe the offerings of the spy app. The app furnishes app and call blocking feature, it has a data retention capacity of 90 days, so the end-user does not need to buy additional storage for this.  The salient features of the monitoring app are as follows.

App and call blocking:

 The spy app blocks a number of contacts and applications that are not considered suitable for kids or employees. The parent can block the apps containing information about criminal or drug-related activities, while the employer can block websites that affect employee productivity.

Data retention for 90 days:

 The recorded data can be retained for 90 days. There is no need to purchase additional storage for this purpose.

Spyhuman Pricing
Monthly1 Month$29.99Call Logs, Messages, GPS Tracking, App Usage
Quarterly3 Months$39.99Social Media Monitoring, Web History, Remote Camera Access
Yearly12 Months$99.99Location History, Keylogger, Call Recording

9. XnSpy

Monitor android phone

Xnspy is one of the very good in the android spying business. It helps parents and employers in spying on their target individuals by all means, in all aspects. Xnspy has state-of-the-art features when it comes to the protection of businesses and kids in the age of digital networks. The most promising features of the spy app are discussed below.

Surround recording:

 The app records all the surroundings of the target device. This is done by bugging the mic or camera of the target Android device. This provides a fair view and insight into the physical happenings around the child.

Tracking device storage:

 All the data stored internally on the target Android device can be monitored and tracked. The contacts, appointments, calendars, and other data can be viewed remotely without any hassle.

Other features:

  • Password chaser
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Social media monitoring
XnSpy pricing plans:
Basic1 Month$29.99Calls, SMS, Contacts, GPS Tracking
Premium3 Months$59.99Messenger Tracking, Social Media Monitoring, Surround Recording
Family12 Months$89.99Multiple Device Monitoring, Watchlist Alerts, Location History

10. SpyEra Cell phone Spy App for Android

android monitoring app

SpyEra enables parents and employers to record their kids’ and employees’ activities over Android devices. The Undetectable spy app for Android allows recording surroundings, tracks real-time location, and monitors all the social media activities that are taken up by the child or employee. The app is excellent at spying on the target user using the below-mentioned features.

Surround recording through mic and camera:

 This is the most promising feature of the spy app. The app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target mobile to know what is actually happening around the target user.

Tracks real-time location:

 The app records the real-time movement of the kid or employee in the form of a log. This log can be accessed by the end-user by logging in to the web portal of the spy app, at any point in time.

Social networks monitoring:

All the social media apps installed on the target device can be monitored for entire communication. The chats, multimedia, and voice notes can be tracked conveniently.

SpyEra Pricing:
Android/ iPhone1 Month$89Call Logs, Messages, GPS Tracking, Call recording,
iPad / Tablet1 Months$189Live Call Listening, Keylogger, Social Media Monitoring
Pc for windows / Mac1 Months$49Browsing activity, Live Call Listening, Laptop locator

The major problems of the parents and employers with respect to their kids and employees are given as follows. 

Issues pertaining to kids

  • Cyberbullying
  • Harassment
  • Cyber predating
  • Sex offending
  • Viewing inappropriate content

Issues pertaining to employees and businesses

  • Employees’ lack of productivity
  • Cyber threats to business data
  • Protecting business secrecy
  • Coping with workplace harassment

The Legality of Using Android Spy Apps

The legality of using Android spy apps varies depending on factors such as jurisdiction and the intended use of the app. In some regions, it is legal to use these apps on devices owned by you, such as monitoring your child’s device or tracking company-owned devices. However, using spy apps to monitor someone else’s device without their consent may violate privacy laws. It’s crucial to research and understand the legal implications in your area before using such apps.

Are Android Spy Apps Detectable?

Android spy apps are designed to operate discreetly, and reputable providers take measures to minimize their detectability. These apps often have features that hide their presence, such as the ability to remove app icons from the device’s home screen or run in stealth mode. However, it’s important to choose a reliable and well-reviewed app to ensure its effectiveness and stealthiness.

Android Spy Apps and Privacy Concerns

The use of Android tracker apps raises valid privacy concerns, especially when used without the device owner’s consent. Monitoring someone’s private communications and activities without permission can breach trust and legal boundaries. It’s essential to use these apps responsibly and ethically, ensuring that you have the right to monitor the device in question.

The Importance of Ethical Use

When considering the use of Android spy apps, ethical considerations should be at the forefront. It’s important to use these apps responsibly and only in situations where monitoring is justified. For parents, this might involve ensuring the safety of their children online. Employers may use these apps to monitor company devices and protect sensitive information. However, invading someone’s privacy without a valid reason is ethically questionable.


The discussion presents the ten best undetectable spy apps for Android that do not require the root of the target device. The furnished apps are crucially important in addressing the concerns of parents and employers regarding the security and protection of their kids and employees in the digital age. 

FAQs about Android Spy Apps

Are Android spy apps only used by parents and employers?

While parents and employers are common users of these apps, individuals may also use them for personal device security or to keep track of their own activities.

Can I install a spy app remotely?

In most cases, physical access to the target device is required for installation. Be cautious of claims that offer remote installation, as they may be scams.

How do I choose the right spy app?

Research reputable providers, read reviews, and consider your monitoring needs.

Is rooting the Android device necessary for spy apps?

Some advanced features may require rooting the device, but many basic features can work without rooting.

Can spy apps monitor encrypted communications?

No, reputable spy apps cannot monitor end-to-end encrypted communications, such as those on WhatsApp or Signal.

Are spy apps completely undetectable?

A: While spy apps strive to be undetectable, there is always a possibility of detection. Choosing a reliable app and following installation instructions carefully can minimize this risk.

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