Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guide

Many of the popular games on the iOS platform were built by making use of the Unity game engine platform. Some of the names in the list are Hitman Sniper, Alto’s Adventures, Forgotten Anne, etc.

It is very much easy to build games specifically through the Unity for iOS platform. This is future expected to grow in the future. All that you need is to read this blog post to know about the most important steps for iOS game development in the Unity platform.

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Important Steps For iOS Game Development In The Unity Platform

  • For Best Results

The developer must focus on setting up an Apple Developer Account. This is specifically to utilize the ability of the Unity game engine platform. A lot of the functions are performed through the website of Apple Developer.

This involves adding devices and establishing your provisional profiles. Whenever we build the project, the developer needs to create the game and also build in Xcode.

  • Making The Changes

Ø  You need to click on the Installs button and select the appropriate version of the Unity game engine under the Unity Hub.

Ø  The next step is to tap on the 3 dots that are present in the right corner. Also, you need to select the Add component option.

Ø  Another important step is to choose the iOS build support if the particular game is to be built in an iOS operating system.

Ø  After that, you need to tap on to the Next option. You will find the presence of NDK and SDK tools that are required to build a complete game on the iOS platform.

  • New Project

Ø  You need to come back to the window which contains Learn, Projects and Installs.

Ø  On the right side, you will find the availability of New option to choose from. This will help to create a new Unity project. Next, you need to fill in the Project Name, Unity Version as well as Template.

Ø  Finally, you need to select Create Project option and get inside the Editor.

  • Working With Unity Editor

Ø  Once you get inside the Unity Editor, it is important to convert it into iOS.

Ø  On the top portion of the screen in the left corner, you will find the Files option which you need to visit.

Ø  The next step is to select Build settings and from that window, you need to select the iOS platform.

Ø  After selection, you need to tap on the Switch Platform option.

  • Preparing Unity Editor 

Ø  This includes specific steps such as adding folders, diverse aspect ratios, importing some assets, and setting up a scene to go over touch inputs as well as gestures that are needed for the completely new game project.

Ø  The subsequent step is to select three new folders by right-clicking from the Assets specifically under the Unity Editor. All that you need is to name the folder Prefabs, Scripts, and Materials.

Ø  Later on, you can add particle effects to the Prefabs.

  • Creating 3D Objects

Ø  In the Scene section of the Unity Editor, you need to set up a basic scene.

Ø  The next step is to right-click on it for selecting 3D objects and thereby choosing a particular shape.

Ø  After you choose a particular shape like a Cube, the parameters of that shape will reflect on the right side specifically under the Inspector tab.

Ø  The next step to make specific changes based on your requirements. You can do it by choosing from under Box Collider, Mesh Render, and Transform.

Ø  Once you have chosen the shape, you need to tap onto the Add component option.

  • Other Steps To Follow

Ø  Changing lighting

Ø  Creation of material

Ø  Adjusting aspect ratio

Ø  Touch inputs addition

Ø  Creating orientations

Ø  The Unique Bundle Identifier

Ø  Working with Xcode

Ø  Managing Sign in options

Ø  Creating and launching the game

Ø  Testing of the app

Final Words

So, if you are having a bigger game idea, you can focus on hiring a professional game development company. They will help to come up with the best apps for the iOS platform which are built-in Unity such as Adventure Quest Battle Gems, Pool Game, Tree World, etc.

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