The Future of Voice Recognition and Its Impact

Have you noticed how people are so dependent on voice recognition software apps? Some people can’t imagine their life without saying “hello Siri”, just like they can’t imagine their life without Spectrum Internet Plans. The future seems to be promising for voice recognition and people are preferring it on conventional keyboards and other control panels. If devices have the ability to listen to us, and things can be done with merely a voice command, who would bother to type.

Let’s explore what to expect from the future with a voice recognition facility.

Responses Will be More Personalized and with Contextual Understanding

So far, voice recognition is all about what the user is uttering. But in the future, it will be more about where and why they say it. In other words, contextual understanding is going to be the next huge step for voice recognition. This can make it an integral part of the customers’ life.

  • With several friction points with the voice recognition technology in the past, personalization is pivotal for the user now. Modern users essentially require a personalized experience while they interact with such technologies. In order to ensure widespread adoption of the said technology, it is going to provide a more tailored experience, hopefully in 2019.
  • The Google Assistant is already ahead of the game in this context. Its technology understands the context of the follow-up questions for a year now. You can ask your Google Home Assistant, “Will it rain?” or “What’s the weather forecast for the week?” Google knows that these questions are about a particular location (context) and will answer accordingly.

Currently, several digital assistants lack contextual knowledge and that puts Google ahead of the game. We are expecting others to introduce this feature in the coming year.

Beyond the Smartphone

The next step for Voice Recognition technology is to be available beyond smartphones. Customers should be able to access it when they want. This means that customers should be able to voice command their thermostats, refrigerators, cars, lamps, and all other different devices.

A myriad of various systems is competing for attention today. App developers will have to manage the complexity and fragmentation of apps in development. Brands also need to figure out the capabilities of every device. They are expected to work on maintaining a consistent user experience.

We are expecting a lot of improvement in voice-enabled devices in one particular area. And that is automotive industry and in-vehicle speech recognition. We are expecting that automotive brands work on these features this year. This will assist people in doing a lot more on their drives. We already have some related apps in the market.

Change in Search Behaviors

Another hot topic of discussion recently is voice search. The visibility of the voice will be a challenge. And that is without a doubt. Voice assistants with the visual interface are missing. We are going to witness a huge difference in search behaviors with voice recognition technology. We are seeing an increase in apps with voice search on smartphones. Brands are experiencing a major shift in transforming touchpoints to listening points.

Individualized Experiences

As the voice assistants are getting better and better at differentiating between different voices, we are going to witness better-individualized experiences. Google announced last year that its Google Home Assistant will be able to support around six user accounts. And it can detect unique voices.

This allows users of Google Home to customize different features. Assistants can dictate weather, commute, news alerts upon asking. This includes amazing features like nicknames, payment information, and work locations. It also includes linked accounts such as Spotify, Google Play, and Netflix.

Touch Interaction

Displays and voice are merging into a seamless experience. Google has already showcased its assistant with the screen display of Lenovo. Hundreds of other devices are also showcasing Google Assistant. Many of them had screen displays for users to further interact with the said assistant.

Security will be the Focus

Voice payments are going to be a thing. They will be more convenient and secure for the users to be able to make voice payments. There is increasing awareness about the concerns related to their smart home devices. With plenty of these devices, security and privacy become important concerns. Before voice makes its way to the mainstream, especially in sensitive things like voice payments, security has to be ensured. And in the current year, we are expecting it to happen. Speaker ID and verification will become important. It won’t be like you are talking to an unknown voice like when you dial Spectrum customer service number. The device will recognize the voice of its speaker.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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